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Suffering from the onslaught of misfortune, an embittered and disheartened Anand starts suffering from ill health. This, in turn, ensures respectable collections at the box office, albeit sometimes they may give rise to controversy, which may vary from a small whiff to violent protests. Still my sin dialogue has repeatedly come to my mind whenever I saw any medicine ending with it. Sethumadhavan, rests squarely on the shoulders of the redoubtable Sanjeev Kumar, who, as Anand Narayan is superlative.

Such films work on one of the two paradigms. As his material stock rises, from managing a small eatery, he progresses to owning a restaurant and finally a plush five star hotel, Anand and his family move into an extravagant house. The pleasure is really mine Monika Mathur.

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Hai Yehi Zindagi Lyrics - Kick (2014)

The film is available on Home video but it will not be easy to find it in the market due to various commercial reasons. Indeed this is one of most remarkable movies in Hindi Cinema. How Anand copes with life without the Lord is revealed in the denouement. Equally riveting is the performance of Vikram Gokhale who delivered his dialogues with extreme poise and optimum voice modulation.

Yehi Hai Zindagi Songs Lyrics

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The matters are further complicated when his second son, Govind, falls prey to debauchery, squandering his time and money on women and partaking alcohol. The articles on bobbytalkscinema.

Nagi Reddy and directed by K. However, on the way, an egoistic Anand begins to stake credit of his phenomenal success to his own determination and acumen, with no role of God in it. Glad that you could relive your fond memories through the article.

Surprised to see Lucky Ali in the film. Bollywood has a long and uninterrupted trail of films based on a genre inspired by religion.

Hai Yehi Zindagi Free Mp3 Download

In the beginning, a flabbergasted Anand mocks at the Lord, vilifying Him as the work of a prankster. However, slowly, he comes around and starts depending on Him for guidance. Very few movies have got the immense power to transform the viewer, teaching him an important lesson of life through its fictional drama. Through the dint of sheer hard work and grit, Anand begins his journey to the pinnacle of success and wealth. The site is also not responsible for any inappropriate acts practiced by the third party links added here only for the information purposes including the advertisements appearing in various formats.

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The songs, lyrics by Anand Bakshi, set to music by Rajesh Roshan, are average, with none of the numbers becoming chartbuster. Submit Please enter a valid email address.

Jaane kahaan pe Bhatki thi zindagi Wo aansu thhe jinko Main samjha tha khushi Jaane kahaan pe Bhatki thi zindagi Wo aansu thhe jinko Main samjha tha khushi. We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, enga thambi tamil mp3 songs by music directors and lyricists. Never miss latest songs lyrics update.

Hai Yehi Zindagi Free Mp3 Download

Roshni na thi aisi kabhi Phele inn nigaahon mein Aaj jo mila khud ko laga Main pehla sa nahin Hai yehi zindagi Hai sadiyon ki khushi Hai yehi zindagi. Bewajah jiya ab tak Pataa na tha aaj jaana hai Waqt ke chhote se ik pal mein Hai sadiyon ki khushi Hai yehi zindagi Hai sadiyon ki khushi Hai yehi zindagi.

Blast from the Past Friday Review. Their usage here is purely for research, review, criticism and reporting purposes. It can be conjectured that a lesser actor could have easily gone overboard in portraying the role and disturbed the delicate balance which Kumar is able to infuse. Then, there are films that exhibit and reinforce presence of a higher divine power that determines the fate of mortals, usually agnostics and atheists, who blame God for the ills plaguing their life. After a showdown, Nekiram leaves the house, taking his daughter and Madhu along.

List of Yehi Hai Zindagi Lyrics Songs with LyricsHai Yehi Zindagi Lyrics - Kick (2014)