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Sons of Anarchy American television seasons. Hale reaches out to Jax and tells him that he suspects that Clay is guilty of ordering Opie's murder. Meanwhile, the Mayans and Nords attempt to bolster their alliance.

Abel comes home for the first time. In the wake of a great tragedy, the club must re-evaluate their bonds of brotherhood. At the hospital, Abel grows stronger, but he's not the only one coming home. Hale begs Unser to help him take down the club, but Unser flatly refuses, encouraging Hale to let the bikers serve their own justice.

Tara's ex-boyfriend arrives in Charming. An emergency C-section is performed, and their son Abel is delivered ten weeks prematurely. Jax has to choose between the club and one of his closest friendships. Gemma learns about Clay's tryst with Cherry in Nevada and breaks Cherry's nose, earning herself a trip to jail, where she confronts Clay. Opie, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found, though Juice Ortiz brings Clay and Tig evidence that Opie and his family may be in witness protection.

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Meanwhile, Tara's ex-boyfriend pays a visit. When old bones are discovered on the outskirts of Charming, secrets that Clay buried are exhumed as well. Club members go to Nevada to store arms with a brother club, the Devil's Tribe.

Tara asks Jax for a ride home from the hospital, and Agent Kohn follows them. After Wendy regains consciousness, Tara prods her to find out if Gemma supplied her with heroin. Meanwhile, Jax, Bobby and Opie set out to put an end to the gun debt for good. He then angrily confronts Stahl, who is being pulled from the cold case.

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Someone anonymously mails Tara a photo of Jax having sex with a girl he picked up on the way out to Indian Hills. Wayne assures them that the Niners had nothing to do with Donna's killing. With Clay detained, Jax must step-up to handle the situation. Wendy walks in on a tender moment between Jax and Tara and realizes that Gemma is using her to get to Tara. Meanwhile, Gemma deals with the pangs of aging and the arrival of a familiar sweetbutt whose intentions are unclear.

Clay admits that he killed Harland Sr. Jax visits Tara at the hospital to check in on her and she breaks down, guilty over Kohn's murder and unsure about her future with Jax. Piney's old war buddy stops by and has a small favor that needs to be done and with Clay on a different project it is up to Jax to handle it all. The Mayans and Nords take an extreme step to cement their alliance.

Cherry assures Gemma that she isn't a threat, as she is interested in Half-Sack. Jax goes to Tara's to retrieve medical supplies for Hayes. The club head to Nevada to help out a brother club, the Devil's Tribe, after they receive threats from the Mayans.

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Meanwhile, there's a medical emergency involving the newborn son of Samcro leader Jax Teller Charlie Hunnam. Meanwhile, Jax, Bobby, and Opie aim to put an end to the gun debt for good. Tara calls Jax for help, and when Jax arrives he offers to call the police, but warns that when Kohn is released from prison, he will be free to come after Tara again.

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Tara leaves, as does Opie and his family. Gemma attempts to learn more about Tara and warns her to keep away from Jax. Jax warns Kohn to stay away from Tara, and Kohn retaliates by breaking into Gemma's house and vandalizing Abel's nursery. Stahl learns that Kohn's supervisors in Chicago believe he is on vacation.

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Having sold all of their arms from Ireland and strapped for cash to pay for Bobby's legal defense, Clay plans to sell the club's own guns to the Mayans. Jax beats him savagely, and Kohn is fired for violating federal law and Tara's restraining order. Available to Stream Watch on.

Main sets located there include the clubhouse, St. Tara still reels from the Kohn situation. He stops Happy, Chibs, and Tig just before they finish the job, and then tussles with Tig in the safehouse before leaving and drinking himself to sleep in the Charming graveyard.

Originally, Scott Glenn was cast in the role of Clay Morrow and an entire pilot episode was filmed with him. And Cherry reveals secrets about her past to Gemma. What's supposed to be a happy homecoming for Abel ends in more turmoil for the club. After a tragedy hits the club, the bonds of brotherhood are called into question and Jax must take a stand. The club needs cash to fund Bobby's defense, but Clay's strategy leaves them in a vulnerable position.

He asks her to stay in Charming despite all that's happened, and she agrees, confessing that Charming is the only place she felt safe. Jax grows weary of the increasing lawlessness of the motorcycle club he is involved with.

The memoirs detail John's high hopes for and disappointments in the Sons of Anarchy. His life becomes more unstable when he discovers his late father's true vision for the Sons of Anarchy, and his crank-addicted ex-wife gives birth to his son. List of Sons of Anarchy episodes. In the first-season finale, latest punjabi movies 2011 club members must reevaluate their bonds of brotherhood in the wake of a great tragedy.