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She is a woman who finds the need to explore her sexuality and enjoy the moment. Initially disgusted, Shobha is talked into sticking around. Soon, Savita was wearing a magnificent Sari and posing for Nick and his crew. As Nick instructed Savita to pose for the pics.

To watch this sex story in comics, click here. Will Savita be able to make it up to Shobha?

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After an exciting game they accidentally come to movie's dimension due to a thunder strike on the house. She visits him at the house and tries to seduce him as a jewelry client. BigLoada Well-Known Member. Inside the changing room, vulcan software Savita was in for a shock.

The bikini top comprised of two small triangles which were barely big enough to cover her nipples and the thong was barely able to cover her pussy. See that it is finished on time and I might think about that promoting you instead of Shalini! Will she undermine his charm? But after a fight breaks out among the candidates, Alex comes up with a sexy plan to thwart another term for President Smita! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bhabhi suggests to steal the parts. This article related to an Indian film is a stub. Hari makes plans and Savita Bhabhi goes full on secret agent in her own enchanting style. Trapped in a loveless marriage, she is always open to new sexual experiences.

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Despondent, Savita turns to her friends Annie and Alex to help her save her marriage. He needs to purify disrobed Savita. So when Aman fails to secure a class-required internship, Annie asks her friend Savita for a favor. Call me if you have any problems!

Fuel is still petrol though. Nick soon realized what was making Savita so nervous and decided to do something about it. Savita, however, knows how to stay warm, enlisting the muscular Mani as her personal heater. Anxious Bhabhi demands to return but Hari says that machine is broken and he needs some time to fix it. Nick smiled at her and said that he enjoyed working with her.

Will he be satisfied after taking pictures of Savita exposing herself or will he want more? Mishraji zipped up his pants and sat down on his chair watching Savita pick up her clothes off the floor. Or will her plan to make both besties feel intimately included, with nothing between them fail? Hari explains to Deepanshu and Bhabhi that his supplier got raided. He considered himself lucky at having found such a slutty secretary.

Savita Bhabhi is a regular Indian woman in the eyes of the world, but only a few lucky people know who she really is. Because humans have found unlimited oil reserves on the Moon. But a surprise rainstorm and forgotten tent make for chilly and cramped camping quarters deep in the woods.

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The only open garage in the village belongs to an auto dealership, good news considering their engine is blown. You can tell your big shot photographer that we are not going to stand up to his nonsense anymore! You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Suffice to say, Savita learns quickly and soon finds herself the most popular girl at the party!

Savita Bhabhi comics are like a cult in India. All episodes in English pdf. Anyone has any new episodes? What happens next would amaze you!

She gets to know about the plight of Deepanshu, that the tech minister Mr. This series follows her various sexual exploits and fantasies. Rakesh Mehta banned all porn websites. That upset him and wants to speak to Savita about all the sinners in the house.


Feeling neglected and replaced, Shobha leaves in tears. That maybe the fans themselves would like an unforgettable sexual experience with Savita Bhabhi! Home visits result in a homecoming of the most satisfying sort! Nick is throwing a big tantrum inside! Bhabhi remarks that surely he doesn't get fornication at home, that's why he unleashes his frustration on the people.

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Will Savita agree to do the shoot? He told Savita that it was too late to get new models and that she should do anything to get the shoot completed by the evening. Savita was about to suggest going out for dinner when Nick asked her a favor. Deepanshu insists Hari to try Savita Bhabhi. Savita Bhabhi Collection Ch.

They are very eager to meet you. All the parts needed to fix the machine is now in custody of tech minister. You can download all kirtu sex comics for free. Not for the company shoot, but for my private collection! Tranquility is shattered, however, when Savita almost drowns in the Arabian Sea!