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During these intervening years of enlarged experience with restoration techniques, Mr. Which Style Disk Range you need explained! The booklets annotator Dewey Faulkner points out the thrilling singing she does in the opening war cries, and in so much else of her singing. This system will save your arranger floppy diskette drive lifetime as well as its front panel switches lifetime. The essays by Caniell himself and by London Green are illuminating, stimulating, and models of what we would hope to find in historical re-issues but almost never do.

Lange Bulls Eye Music Inc. This really is the ultimate edition. Jazz players, don't pass by this collection without giving it some thought! Excellent notes by Dewey Faulkner combine with vitalized sonics make this truly special. An archive of Society for Contemporary Music activities dating back to is included, as well as catalogues of documentation and recordings available.

Albena Petrovic-Vratchanska. This is as good as it gets. Here at last is the ultimate edition with the dialogue restored, together with the original Abscheulicher we replaced the bad note sung by Bampton. Gershwin-Woodhouse Ira Gershwin Music.

This much circulated broadcast, offering luminaries from the Golden Age of Wagner at the Met, is offered here in its best most natural sound. Heard in good sound, this is a Mozart operatic treat music lovers can't afford to miss. This, at last, is the sound and production both performances deserve. Extensive Notes and photos. You need a SoundCard on your computer for the style playback features.

The interchanges between Schorr and Lawrence never feel like merely great Wagnerian singing, but actually engage us as real music drama. Captured here in his prime, he gives a performance to treasure. Russell Kent Walter Music Co.

In addition to Gorin, this performance boasts Boris Christoff in the dual roles of Galitsky and Konchak. Arias - Philharmonic Recital Intermission Feature. The excellently recorded, familiar Victor discs receive here a restoration that puts their cherished qualities into new and more dimensional sound. Top Click on the images to enlarge. The excerpts from the all Strauss New York Philharmonic concert are valuable too, giving us more documentation of the art of John Barbirolli.

Seven Met broadcasts exist in some form featuring the great Dane, most having been released on multiple labels. Now, for the first time, the memorable singing of these renowned vocal artists can be heard in sustained musical and dramatic continuity and in good sound as well. Introduction and Allegro for Strings, Op. The booklet offers detailed notes about the performance, singers, and recording.

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Toscanini reduced the size of his string section for the following Jupiter Symphony of Mozart to maintain proper balance between the sections. This is one of the great recording performances of this scene. Includes two extensive articles about Callas. The excerpts from Die gyptische Helena are immensely valuable. These mishaps have been corrected in this restoration.

Tibbett is the other major asset of this performance. We now offer this re-mastered version, which includes a brief booklet dedicating the album to John Steane, as well as describing the improvements. Friedrich Jaecker musical theory and Prof.

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Includes long missing Act I? Her voice positively glows, and she and Melchior are a thrilling pair. Booklet article by Robert Matthew-Walker, rare photos. She started her musical training by playing the piano at the age of four years.

Never previously published. Economy International Shipping. Also included are biographies and recording notes, plus rare photos.

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Much of this program has not been previously released. Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain. Avete bisogno di una scheda audio sul vostro computer per le funzioni di riproduzione di stile. Five Songs to Japanese Poetry. Sutherland's debut in the role in a much celebrated performance taken from the house lines.

The sound is rich and full, and rather astonishing for the technology of the era, given its presence and vitality. Vickers was world famous for his Radames and Don Jose.

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Note-for-note transcriptions of Basie's piano playing while in small ensembles towards the end of his career. This is one of the great performances - and shouldn't be missed on any account.

Crazy - Roland Advanced Styles. Dancing in the moonlight - Roland Professional Styles. Don't it make my brown eyes blue - Roland Professional Styles. If you have not played any Tom Roed arrangements, you are missing some of the very best arrangements in print! The other prime beneficiary of the superb sonic restoration here is Beecham, where can i sim city for or rather Beecham and the orchestra.

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Planet Keyboard - Keyboard Styles for Yamaha Genos Korg PA Ketron SD

Driving home for Christmas was written by Chris Rea and released in as a Christmas single. Advanced pianists should take note of this collection. What we have here is miraculous. Lullaby for String Quartet. Mechanical Avunculogratulation.

Jazz Piano Transcriptions - Recommended Jazz Advanced Piano

Repeatedly sought by opera lovers writing to us, we finally present our restoration of this famed broadcast. And the artwork and photographs are up to the same level.