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Overview of Installing Oracle Database Software and Creating a Database

If the password you choose is not a secure password, a warning message will be displayed. However, there may be situations in which you want to create multiple Oracle databases on the same host computer. The information in templates includes database options, initialization parameters, and storage attributes for data files, tablespaces, control files, and online redo log files. You can create a preconfigured database or a custom-configured database during installation.

This information is used while applying patches or upgrading an existing installation, and while deinstalling Oracle software. Always verify the character set requirements of the applications that use the database.

Only the most recent changes made to the database, which are stored in the online redo log files, are available for instance recovery. Also see Oracle Database Installation Guide for your platform. You can keep a standby database current with its original database by continuously applying the original archived redo log files to the standby database.

During advanced installations using the Server Class method you are prompted to make the additional choices listed in this section, and the choices for a typical installation. Execution of jobs on machines where the Oracle database is installed is included with the Oracle Database license. You can click Browse to select a different location.

You can click Browse to find the directory where you want to install the Oracle Database software. Current User Database Links. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides Web-based management tools for individual databases, and central management tools for managing your entire Oracle environment.

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Oracle Database can create and manage the actual files. The license restrictions for Standard Edition must be adhered to. You choose which language the software should use after it is installed.

Tablespace point-in-time recovery. Database Configuration Type You select a template to use when configuring the database. If you chose to create a starter database, then Database Configuration Assistant starts automatically in a separate window.

The value you select should allow for all background processes, user processes, and parallel execution processes. Transportable tablespaces, including cross-platform. This template allows you maximum flexibility in defining a database because you can change any of the settings for the database being created. After you have chosen an option, click Next.

General Purpose or Transaction processing Many concurrent users perform numerous transactions that require rapid access to data. If you choose a value other than English, it does not change the language used by the installation. Third-party volume managers and file systems are not supported for this purpose. Selecting this option provides better protection for your database for software or hardware failure. Database File Location A database includes several files that store the user data, database metadata, and information required to recover from failures.

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Users perform numerous, complex queries that process large volumes of data. For more complex environments, you can select the Custom Database option. You can customize the database after it has been created. You specify whether to manage your database centrally or locally using Oracle Enterprise Manager. The Oracle database secure external password store feature stores passwords in an Oracle Wallet for password-based authentication to the Oracle database.

You can use the same password for each account, or specify passwords for each account individually. Oracle recommends you select Enable Archiving. Oracle recommends that the archive log be stored in a fast recovery area because it can simplify backup and recovery operations for your database. If this is not the first installation attempt on this server, then the Perform Prerequisite Checks window appears.

Deleting Templates When you delete a template, it is no longer available to create a new database or a new template. Oracle Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack. You can then optionally configure e-mail notification of database alerts or a daily backup of the database.

Oracle Database thereafter automatically creates and deletes files in this location, as required. It is distinct from the database area, which is a location for the current database files data files, control files, and online redo log files. Hoping your return was pleasant and uneventful.

Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) Release (18c)

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When you create a database, certain administrative user accounts are created automatically. Or, you also have the option of choosing to only install the database software, but then you must create a database in an additional step after the software is installed. Most steps are common to all platforms and involve running the Oracle Universal Installer. Custom database This template allows you maximum flexibility in defining a database because you can change any of the settings for the database being created. You do not need multiple databases to run different applications.

The Management Packs are not included in Personal Edition. Note that Personal Edition is not available for any platform other than Windows at this time. This table can help you understand the difference between the editions and determine whether you require Enterprise Edition or Personal Edition for a single-user environment. It is not necessary to obtain a separate license for the machine running Oracle Connection Manager. You also specify the location of the Oracle base directory, dora explorer episodes which is used by all Oracle software products installed on the server.

Preconfigured databases are based on templates that Oracle provides or that you create. In the Template Management window, select Create a database template and one of the following options, and click Next. Many concurrent users perform numerous transactions that require rapid access to data.

After you enter a directory path and optionally specify an operating system group, click Next to continue. If you downloaded the installation software from the Oracle Web site, then follow the instructions on the site to run the Oracle Universal Installer.