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Gibbs aurait commis un meurtre! Evidently it wasn't that serious if Stan wasn't calling Tobias Toby yet. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc.

He groaned as the orgasm started to tear through his body. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, he leaned back against the fridge door.

The original characters and plot are the property of the author of this story. Tony smiled assuming she would do the same to him. Tony tossed his head back and just let it happen.

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But Tobias is my best friend. Stan dropped his head back and sighed. Now, the clothes and hair and jewelry are done.

Now kiss like you mean it. They haven't left much forensic evidence behind for me to test. Abby shook her head and buried her face in her hands. Come on Timmy let's go shopping. How will their life change?

His hand touched the back of Tony's head, his fingers combing through the thick hair. The second time was during our visit on the Enterprise. Gibbs groaned, his eyes closing as he realized Tony was close and about to lose control.

No one had ever driven him crazy the way Tony could during a blow job. What if one day Tony had enough? Gibbs took a sharp breath gazing down at Tony between his legs, sexy girls dating waiting for the next move. Tony forced himself to swallow the mouthful of Chianti he had and coughed as he tried not to choke. Ziva and Tony just smiled at him and Gibbs stared at the map on the screen.

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McGee came over and saw what she was looking at. Positioning himself against the tight ring of muscles, Tony lunged in burying himself inside his lover. He wore a pair of skinny jeans and dress boots with a slight heel.

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Shaking his head, Fornell chuckled. The jealousy and desire fueling the uncontrollable hunger as be pounded into Gibbs.

Running the towel down his face, he sighed and tossed it in the garbage. It was going to be a long night. From the moment they met years ago, Tony never liked Stan.

Thrusting down, Gibbs took Tony's fingers deeper. You think he would be upset that I came on to you like what eleven years ago. You're going to need to be dressed right. Will Tim get his Happy Ever After?

Rated M just in case for language and adult situations. No, I am not letting you talk me into getting my ear pierced! He then glared down at the older man. Tony continued to suck at his cock taking every last drop as he finally melted back down into the bed. Gibbs getting the sense Tony was not in the mood to talk, at least not in the car.

Gibbs let out a sharp grunt as he clutched at the sheet. While many often focus on the thoughts and emotions of her parents, Tony and Ziva, why not dig into what she is experiencing when suddenly, her entire world is turned upside-down?