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The ego-free nature of that set teaches me that if you have the talent, everything else is unimportant. He made us feel very comfortable.

About a month after that I got a call that I had booked the film. Eastwood was directing the movie and was going around to different companies around the country. Can you relate to the struggle that the group went through in their early days?

His charisma feeds off the spotlight. Eastwood showed up in the lobby one day unannounced and I didn't believe it was true. Then the music came and pulled them out. Check out some pics of the cast, below! It was one audition, no callback, and about a month later I got the phone call.

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They were living on the periphery of the mob, pulling off petty crimes and what have you. In israel for some business and fun. Some of them come out of retirement just to do the next Clint Eastwood movie. What mainly interested me was how these semi-juvenile delinquents, who didn't grow up under the best of circumstances, made it big. Now, if you're really off, he'll guide you in a different direction, but he's so interested to see what you do.

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Nothing will ever change the experience of getting a phone call saying Clint Eastwood wants you to star in his new movie. What we're trying to do is honor the show, which has been loved by so many, and also put it in this new way, so I hope people just take it and have a good time. It's an odd choice, but I think it worked. There's nothing worse for me than an evening of depressing folk songs. And then it ended up in the proper hands and with the right writers and the right team for this, and I went on an audition.

That was actually Erich's suggestion. He attended every summer for six years. To celebrate, the production released a new tribute commercial featuring Ice T and the late Joan Rivers. Check out the photos, below!

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It gave them something to strive for. Some may call it cheesy, and I love it. You technically make a cameo in the film. In fact, his strongest direction with me was giving me the confidence to trust that what I was doing was already enough.

Set in the s, it's drawn from the band's real life journey from struggling street performers to beloved hit makers. Do you recall your first meeting with Eastwood on set? Some had even done jail time. What were some of the main challenges of adapting the play for the screen?

How did you become involved with the film? Related Articles Marissa Sblendorio Writer of all things stage and screen, both theatrical and desktop. Yeah, it was about the same time.

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What was the atmosphere like during filming? At least you should feel confident in that. You're talking about my Hitchcock moment. All of there stuff is very energetic and fun.

The tragedies that Frankie has in his life, you go through them with him in a more immediate way on film than you do onstage. They are my brothers and sisters. But it was really important for Clint to capture live performance energy, and I think that's why he cast people from the stage production.

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Check out photos and a video from the special curtain call and after party below! Eastwood and that's when it became true. Let me say I love kaleidoscopes, live music, sand dunes, fractals and ideas that energize my mind. It wasn't until the second act when I was in my dressing room in my underwear and I got a text from one of our swings who had taken a picture with Mr. He wants to see your first instinct as an actor.

It was a pleasant challenge because by using the original people, I worked with the actors who had a great influence on the play through its run. The film's cast is largely made up of theater performers, many of whom starred in the stage production of the heartfelt story.

Bergen performed in concert earlier this year in San Diego and visits the Catalina accompanied by musical director Michael Orland, a piece band and backup singers. Bergen's life changed in when his parents enrolled him in the famed performing arts summer camp Stagedoor Manor in Loch Sheldrake, N. And he was so kind and calm and everyone respects him so much and it's not an ego thing. He feels like an older brother. What about the choice to include a dance number during the end credits?

They were just four guys from Jersey, until they sang their very first note. The lucky audience member, Robin Becker from New Jersey, was brought on-stage after curtain call and presented with a Jersey Boys poster, bbw dating lake fork idaho tote-bag and applauded by the Entire company. Looking for speed dating events?

During that return to the stage, I caught wind that Mr. Were you a fan of Frankie Valli? Check out the original trailer for the film, below! It is also the longest running tenant in any of the five theaters owned by the Jujamcyn Theaters organization.

How was it different for you performing the role on film versus the stage? Eastwood was the man behind the curtain.