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How to use a big size cucumber

This also prevents insects from

Even if you do not have room for a garden, you can grow cucumbers in containers. Tea with treats can make even an uneventful day feel extravagant. He picked it right up and ate it like an apple.

Tea with treats can make evenHow to use a giant cucumber

Check plants regularly for insect pests, and if they become a problem, you can spray them with horticultural oils or insecticidal soaps. Dad loves it, David and Amanda love it, I like it for burgers and pulled pork.

How to use a giant cucumber. This can be used for making cucumber yogurt soup, raita or a cucumber sauce if you don't happen to have the better, medium sized cukes at the moment. We have our own monster cucumbers.

Add diced green pepper and onion. Pink, I use those big cucumbers to make Grandma's cucumber relish, we got through jars of it every year. Annie I have this recipe for Grandma's relish and everyone loves it.

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This also prevents insects from entering the container.