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If nobody likes the place, then there will be no numbers to worry about. That's the nature of the New York weekend crowd. That is a good way to save money without spending a lot on new construction.

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Deal with the problems of the previous night, make sure everything is running smoothly, everything is stocked, bills and people are paid. Also, probably don't be a felon.

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That is because you are the small business, and when you are the small business you pay for everybody else's tab. Skipping legal steps doesn't make it happen much faster, and bad things can happen if you do. Each bar or business has its own unique challenges and it's hard to anticipate what you will look back and judge what you wish you knew. Head up to the space in the late afternoon to check that everything was closed properly the night before. Sure, we have amazing frozen drinks and some of them come in coconuts with umbrellas, but we also use braised short rib instead of ground beef in our burgers.

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Add a theoretical flood that closes you down for three days and you have no loss-of-business insurance. Your shifts are long and life can be pretty hard, but you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle or you will crash. Make sure your neighborhood understands what you are trying to do and be respectful. Naked model stages one-woman protest after sex attacks.

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The bar is made or broken on slow nights, Sunday through Thursday, and if you are able to attract people to come to your place on those nights than you have something special. Ours is and we love him for it. Be honest about what you want to do. Weekends are important, but I wouldn't say they make or break a bar.

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