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Gaara and sakura dating fanfiction, naruto Uzumaki's Relationships

His girlfriend is the one and only Sakura. Forgive me Sakura, I couldn't help myself! Sakura is now cold and this just gets the attention of a certain boy named Sasuke GaaSaku?

Gaara and Sakura, One-shot. While carrying Gaara away from the Akatsuki, Sakura comes to a decision. She is shocked to see that Gaara is the new Kazekage. Gaara fails miserably in his attempt to hit on our favorite medic-nin. Naturally, guild serial dating Sasuke neglects Sakura until a new transfer named Gaara attracts Sakura's attention.

Sasuke is left with jealousy. Easily a summary of their unorthodox relationship. Two Princesses to be escorted across the sea but what happens when they run nto one of these two?

She was also amazed that despite having nothing and no one to rely on, Naruto never gave up in believing he could become something great like Hokage. She won't let it happen this time, though. After Toneri attacked Naruto by draining almost all of his chakra, he was left near death, and the scarf was destroyed. Something is stirring and it was beyond their control. Eventually, in their moment alone, Naruto confessed that he was in love with her, which left Hinata speechless.

Share Naruto's many friends, allies, and mentors. He's tried to kill her, tried to kill her teammates.

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Well, in the classroom, that is. Basically a Naruto fic with the underlying story of Phantom. Left speechless upon hearing her confession, Naruto instantly erupted into a rage after he saw Pain stabbing Hinata, allowing Kurama to take control and continue the battle. Naruto also made a memorial grave in honour of Jiraiya and vowed to find a path to peace for the world, telling Jiraiya to watch him from the other world.

Naruto Uzumaki's Relationships

GaaSaku Based on a good song. As he left, she vowed to become stronger, and to work as hard as he did. As Naruto was chasing after them, he was greatly saddened because Hinata did not deny Toneri's statement that they would be married. Family Minato Namikaze Minato placing his trust in Naruto. But will it bring up some unwanted memories?

Naruto and Hinata's first kiss. During his training to control Kurama's power, Naruto tearfully embraced his mother Kushina Uzumaki when her chakra imprint came to his aid. Her admiration for Naruto eventually grew into love.

And who said anything about an arranged marrige? Naruto and Hinata's new family. He also accepted that his negligence was indeed at least partly to blame for the way Boruto had turned out. Naruto grows closer to Hinata.

Rating will change as drabbles are posted. He can only hope that she will not be a part of his Apocalypse. Jiraiya's death was the first time Naruto ever felt the pain of losing a loved one.

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When he awoke, Hinata thanked Naruto for helping her and returned his scarf to him, but he let her keep it. Everything changed when a new girl named Ino appeares. He would later stop wearing his mother's scarf in Hinata's presence after realising his own feelings for Hinata.

As he spent time interacting with Hinata, Naruto began to experience a special kind of happiness he had never felt before and realise that her being was irreplaceable and essential to him. When Hinata finally made an attempt to give it to him, she saw Naruto wearing a scarf his late mother had knitted for him, which made her sadly back down as she thought it was given by another girl. Curiosity can kill the cat.

Although she completed the scarf, Hinata encountered problems such as her own shyness and the new-found competition with the many other female admirers for Naruto's affections. The story has a lot of depth and emotion even though the grammer sucks. Despite not knowing that the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze was his father, Naruto had expressed the utmost respect for him. With his mother and B's help, Naruto managed to best Kurama in combat and take most of its chakra. Meeting Nagato face to face, Naruto vowed to seek vengeance against him and he would kill him to avenge Jiraiya.

Why can't the world just change for them? While ultimately more perverted than Naruto, Jiraiya had many similarities to his godson from a desire to bring world peace to an unrequited affection for their respective female teammates. This time, she is determined to let him go. However, this unknowingly interfered with Hinata's attempts to give Naruto a red scarf she knitted to confess her feelings for him. It's just fortunate that Uchiha Itachi loves dessert.