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Along the way, we'll learn how to merge layer styles onto a layer, and how we can use blend modes like Screen and Multiply to easily turn shadows into highlights and vice versa! You'll see a selection outline appear around the outer edges.

Creating a Decorative Photo Frame in Photoshop

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Using Fotor s photo frame editor in 3 simple steps

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You may even want to go a bit lower than that. Pink floral banner rawpixel. That's how to add a matted picture frame around a photo using layer styles in Photoshop!

Next, change the Technique option directly below it from Smooth to Chisel Hard. Colorful realistic frame in form of circle with various stationery items on white background vector illustration. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Photo frames and different blank notepaper.

Using Fotor s photo frame editor in 3 simple steps

Why did we choose white for the shadow color? Collection set of label ornament vector illustration rawpixel. Mockup of polaroid photos rawpixel. Don't close out of the Layer Style dialog box just yet. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself?

If you selected an additional group of patterns, a confirmation window appear. This technique can be especially handy because you can use the same decorative frame on several different images with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Once the bottom layer is filled with a pattern, apply a Feather to the Vector mask. This technique will work with a variety of shapes. Collection of vintage ornament frame illustration rawpixel. Pastel cute social media layout banner for online sale marketing promotion web banner.

Vector photo frame banner. Then, set the Size value to the same value you used for your stroke size in the previous step. Instead, we'll create our own inner shadow using a different layer style - Inner Glow. Home About Advertise Contact Search. This opens the Fill dialog box.

Learn more about the five essential blend modes every Photoshop user should know! This opens Photoshop's Layer Style dialog box set to the Stroke options in the middle column. Next, make sure the center square is selected in the Anchor grid directly below the Relative option. When deciding how much space to add, keep in mind that whatever value you enter for the Width will be divided between the left and right sides. Then, click with the Magic Wand Tool anywhere inside the white area to select it.

Photoshop Borders And Frames - Matted Picture Frame

Enter to accept your changes. You may want to increase the Size value slightly to soften the shadow edges a bit.

First, make sure the Relative option is checked. With the Rectangular Marquee Tool in hand, drag out a rectangular selection around the photo, making it a bit larger than the photo itself. Down near the bottom are some options for adjusting the highlight and shadow of the effect. Cherry blossom frame rawpixel.

Visit our Photo Effects section for more Photoshop effects tutorials! Select a background image that you would like to use for the decorative frame.

It's because we don't actually need a shadow here since our frame is already pure black. The same area will now be filled with transparency, indicated by the checkerboard pattern. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This technique can be accomplished using either a standard layer mask pixel-based or a vector mask paths and points-based.

Switch back to your original document and you should see the image you just copied in a new layer. Yellow border blank photo frame decorated with white daisy flowers on blue background. Set of gallery frames rawpixel. Let's add a white border around the image to serve as the mat that sits between the frame and the photo, and we'll do that using Photoshop's Canvas Size command. For example try applying the heart shape to an image of a couple of close friends.

Center the Vector mask in your image. Remember that you can reuse this frame on other images too. We'll finish off our picture frame by adding a second, smaller border around the photo, creating a double mat effect. Let's make a couple more adjustments to the lighting. Then, adjust the Distance and Size values as needed for your image.

This opens the Layer Style dialog box set to the Drop Shadow options. They've now been merged onto the layer. Select the center Anchor grid square and set the Canvas extension color to white. Since we're using the Background layer as the mat, let's give the layer a more descriptive name.

Fill the bottom layer with a pattern by opening the Fill dialog box and select the pattern you want to use. Next, we'll add a drop shadow to the frame. Next, to give the stroke sharp corners, change the Position option to Inside. Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Watch out I keep getting better and better at photoshop!

Cherry blossom frame card rawpixel. Next, to draw the frame, we'll use a couple of Photoshop's layer styles effects. Next, we'll add another new layer, www photo software com this time to hold the frame.