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And i also loves from one girl withen a four year. But, second thing I did was, which you never do, searching over Google for truth. Or jab bhi us ki yaad yatti hai too mai app ki ganay ko sunanay lagta hu. Jb v mai ye song sunta hu it just remind my love nikki sethia. We should eat fruits instead of counting trees.

But a song by unknown singer does not reach a wide audience easily. There are two prominent ways of viral marketing. This is a awsm song i dont know story is fake or somthng but whoever sung it he sung it very well i like it. If this stry is true, then it is very hurtful story. This song is very teching of heart.

He was so sad and he decided to record a song and to dedicate her. Becoz it is very much painful song.

Freak In The Planet Life is a funny thing when you are a permanent stranger to yourself! In the last days he promisd us. Pretty sad story if you ask me. Hi guys i m gauri I think all these story behind the song is fake.

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The Admin of that Page, has not revealed himself yet and nor made clear statements about his connections with Rohan Rathore. Woh pagal hai sale jo ise feke story kehte hai. Like if he had such a good voice y would he nt go for singing. Rohan Rathore became really popular with this song.

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But, they did it in right way. And it makes me hard to blv whatever bullshit is written Above. When i listen this song it just remind my love nikki sethia i love her so much but she dont love me she always uused me. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

This song is Realy heart teaching and I Love this song and i will try this song in my next movie. Wht the girl is not died it is dissementing. Bollywood me ise hona chahiya.

After listen this song my eyes are wet. Thise is a very emotionaly attach to my heart, I feild very hurt when i listned thise song. Even his voice does nt matched with the song tune mere jana.

It gives one of the highest placements in the world. He told the girl and then the girl left him. Has Rohan worked is their band? He loved supriya very vry much.

Thats a amazing song, i love this song so much and this is my one of the feverite song ever n ever. Made video of it and the worst happened, he died just after recording the song. After some days he fell sick and then he got to know he is suffering from Cancer. If they are not connected with him why they are using his name? If not why they using his name?

If this incident was real, it would have been in news all over the country. Rohan i place d girl i hv never ever left u bcs i know what is meaning d true lov n what is d cost d true lov. Tum usye maro vo tumhe nahi marega.

Add some prestigious college name and make it sad story, Game Over. No one can write a song like this without a reason. This is d way how any buddy can compete in dis industry.

Emptiness is a nice song n really touch my heart. Emptiness, describes, the sims 3 play for pc the void left in his loving heart by his girl. When I listening emptiness song my tear flow out it reminisce my truth and first love who pasd away!

When i listen the song first time i am crying it is a very nice sad song and deserve to all lover that have lose in love. Or mai ushay bolnay say is liya darta tha ku ki mujhay lagta tha ki kahi o gusha na ho jaya ya o nahi na kah de. Ye song mujh pe kuch jayda hi suit karta hai. If they publish this song without making this story then also people love this song. The heart touching song i have ever listen.

And these people are also easily susceptible. But here is what which bugs my mind, two more new songs! But d song is hearttouchng. It something related with my life. Kuch log bhut kimti hote hai pr unnhi logo k saath kismat nhi hoti hai.

We Indians, simply have inevitable attraction towards Love stories. He wrote a song and dedicated to her.

Heart touching song that song is the voice of heart owesome. But worse, he was suffering from Cancer. Thanx Sujit for the information. Rohan mei aapki story ko salaam karta hu.

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Aseem Ahmed Abbasee claims that he is the original lyricist and english lyrics where written by Moonami Roy. Notify me of new posts via email. What first comes to your mind when you hear the song and read about him? Runs though our veins with feeling of Love.

Chocoboy who uploaded the song to Youtube? Hey i dont really care about d story but he composed a great song. Whole ws knew the reltn wid rohan nd supriya.

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Tune Mere Jaana (Emptiness)

Thr shud b a inspiration behind this song. The guy now loved and remembered everyday by millions over Facebook and Twitter, is no more. Love is dn by heart nt mind. Apne uske love ko ek fake story ka name de dia. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.