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How to Make Your Computer Read Documents to You

To jump to a particular page, click the Browse the pages in your document tab, and then click the thumbnail image for that page. Select the text or graphic that you want to highlight. Full Screen Reading You can choose to hide the toolbar or enter the full screen reading directly on menu bar for better reading. To display the page as it would appear when you print it, click Show Printed Page. Share the form electronically.

Welcome to a whole new document experience

Adjust columns, page color, and layout. Expand your Office skills. Windows Mac iPhone Android.

Turn off more accessible mode. Quickly learn the product by utilizing the Microsoft Office style ribbon toolbar, which provides a familiar user interface. Word remembers where you were, even when you reopen an online document from a different computer. Get important integrations, boost productivity, and enhance the customer experience. What do you need to know about free software?

Get support for a wide range of document security standards. To jump to any heading in the document, click the Browse the headings in your document tab, and click any heading. On the title bar, click the arrow next to Text Highlight Color.

Enter keywords to quickly find all the results with information about which page they appeared and the nearby words to go the certain page. You can turn full screen mode on or off in the ribbon. The easiest way to view Winmail. Advertisements or commercial links. All supported output formats.

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It supports various keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate easily and improve the reading experience. It can be a bit clunky to work with, since it wants to read everything including interface text to you, but you might find it useful at times. Sexually explicit or offensive language. Say goodbye to paper forms.

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Offer and prices subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Full Screen Reading view is optimized for reading a document on the computer screen. You can use the Document Map or the Thumbnails pane to find the section of the document that you want to jump to.

Customize your own document reader to view different formats of document. Work on documents anywhere using the Acrobat Reader mobile app. The overall interface is super clean and you can choose from most of the common reading modes like full screen, continuous, side by side, etc. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Click the arrows in the lower corners of the pages.

Turn on more accessible mode. Export the files or directly print them for further use. Reopen a document and keep reading right where you left off. We'll be glad to hear from you.


Look up or translate a word, or find more information about it. Since the beginning of the computer age, people have always enjoyed making computers talk to them. With the Read Out Loud feature activated, you can click a single paragraph to have Windows read it aloud to you. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Grab your stuff while you still can.

Its software development kit provides easy migration to new reader and includes demos, code samples and utilities. Residents or persons in embargoed countries or countries subject to U. At the end of your offer term, your subscription will be automatically renewed at the standard subscription rate, unless you elect to change or cancel your subscription.


Multiple Documents Navigate You can open and read multiple files on document reader Mac at a time and switch them easily. Select a word or phrase in the document. In Full Screen Reading view, boris software you also have the option of seeing the document as it would appear on a printed page.

You also get the facility of creating custom stamps and managing them. No Guest Posts Requests, Please. Open the Navigation Pane to quickly move around in the document. To jump to any heading in the document, click that heading in the Document Map. Welcome to a whole new document experience.

Individuals can get applications approved in a snap. Make the changes that you want. How can we better help you? Written mainly in C programming language, Evince has a clean and clutter-free interface.

Customizable toolbar for smoothest reading experience. Say hello to easy file access.

This option is unavailable if your document has no headings defined. It also supports running in restricted mode. And store it in Document Cloud so you can easily find and track it.

To display the page as it would appear when printed, click Show Printed Page. And everyone can finish multi-step processes faster than ever.

You can quickly go to the first page, previous page, next page, and last page through the icons in the toolbar. Even after placing an order, you still hold our Day Money Back Guarantee.

Welcome to a whole new document experience