Dating youtube channels

Dating youtube channels

So, all the dating tips you get from him are practical and doable. Tripp Advice Tripp is a dating coach on his own right. Most of her videos start with rhetorical questions and dig deeper into the subject as the video progresses. Once a normal but unpopular guy, he eventually learned the ins and outs of attracting women of the highest caliber and now shares his insights with his viewers.

Emily Hart a presenter

This is not a channel based on personal experiences. Emily Hart, a presenter based in London through her channel talks about stuff like sex, relationship, love, life, gender, and so does it in her own style. Shallon Lester Shallon Lester is a dating expert determined to answer all the lingering questions her fellow gals may have. This is further shown in her videos, which mainly revolve around tips for common issues every girl encounters.

This is not a channel

They will use pickup lines to get phone numbers, answer your questions, and interview hot girls to get their perspective on everything from dating to sex. The topics range from political to social to personal. From a huge library of videos that this channel carries, you are sure to find some real great ones about relationships and dating that you can relate with and learn from. So this is not a platform exclusively run for giving away relationship advice so you may want to filter out the videos to stumble up on just the right ones.

It's modern, liberal, ethical and not about playing games or living by dating rules. Just imagine CollegeHumor if it fixated on dating. Despite their philosophy, the creators post short and easy to comprehend videos discussing current topics, often serving with useful tips and advice. Emily takes an honest take at everything she talks and features.

Dating channels have a quite diverse landscape, providing guidance for guys and girls alike. Speaking of which, it pays to know which destinations to follow to find the most valuable wisdom. It features a voiceover and the narration in the videos tends to induce a feeling of whimsy. The videos are rather straightforward with no unnecessary dramatic effects.

Not strictly speaking a full-on dating advice channel, but definitely worth checking out if your brain needs a healthy meal. Every single video is a real gem as you hear raw, unadulterated, and honest experiences of the presenters. The channel is mostly about unraveling the mysteries of the life and answering the great questions that the human race has been battling with.