You have included them all here

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In truth, there are a lot of women who are also looking for long-term commitment. You just need one good one. Cut the length of your profile in half. This is not the right frame of mind to meet anyone. You would think I was annoying.

She may be interested

She may be interested but seeing where things go with another guy. But for now, what I really need to work on is my mindset. This is a bit self-defeating.

Okay, so if I look at it like a numbers game, that means I have to get a baseline for what to expect. Now, this one is totally delusional, but it makes me feel cool. She might have been in a funky mood when she read my message. Think that when you meet someone you really like, who really likes you, you will have plenty of time to discuss your hopes and dreams and favorite foods.

Or something I said in my profile. You have included them all here. Hide your profiles, or delete them, for at least a month. Think conversation starters, not an entire conversation. Imagine me coming over to your home.

But for now what

You are a fascinating person with a broad range of interests and accomplishments. You talk about long-term commitment.

You would share just enough information to intrigue her.