However, is this hypothesis true? Fortunately, when the girl whom he had a crush on turned twenty years old, Minhyuk was accepted to be her boyfriend. Still, each year, fans receive news of idols dating, getting married, or breaking up. Vertical Tabs Audio Track. Speculation first came up as fans spotted the two artists wearing the same earrings.

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While there is no hard evidence, and neither Rain nor Song Hye Kyo spoke about the scandal, many believed the dating rumors to be true. However, this kind of prohibition is not applied to BtoB. Lee Joon Ki is naturally very friendly with other co-stars, and he takes care of them.

We met up at a radio show and I fell in love with him at first sight. We provide you with the latest Korean news. Home Entertainment Contact Us. Almost all idol groups in South Korea, be it a girl group or boy group, have a dating ban given by their agencies for a certain period.

The pair began dating in and went public the year after much speculation. Quite possibly the most widely believed rumor about Lee Hyori is her scandal with Rain from early s. The two were snapped enjoying an intimate midnight drive. The second member of BtoB which we will look at is Hyunsik, who is famous for his endearing eye smile.

Are BtoB Members Dating

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  1. They even got notes of encouragement from them.
  2. Minegishi then shaved her head and uploaded a tearful apology online, which made news headlines around the world.
  3. When she was spotted in the pictures that actor Kang Ha Neul took the day before his military enlistment, fans grew suspicious as to why of all the people, she spent the last day with him.
  4. The two met while working on music together.
  5. This rumor swept the nation and while there was no recording or proof of it actually happening, everyone believed it to be true.

They don't need any more intro. There are likely to be concerns that this imbalance could potentially lead to an exploitative situation, for example the idol using their power to extract certain benefits. It all started with an amusement park snap in and since then, there have been many G-Dragon-Kiko sightings around the world. What was more shocking though was the year age gap. Around August last year, the pair uploaded cryptic clues on Instagram alluding to their singleness.

When it comes to love and dating, BtoB member Lee Minhyuk perhaps is considered to have plenty of stories regarding the subject. Taeyeon has been, since debut, one of the members to always have some sort of a dating rumor following her around. Whilst idols dating other idols is still generally considered a scandal, it is not wholly uncommon. Neither Sohee nor G-Dragon ever responded to their dating scandal, so it remains an unverified speculation to this day.

Because none of the released pictures showed the two of them together, however, Rain and Jun Ji Hyun both denied the rumors. Then Taeyeon and Leeteuk were seen carrying the same bag and rumor spread quickly. In Korea, basketball star Im Hyo-sung was a hardcore fan of S.

Still, when she opened up about having had feelings for Jung for some time, fans accepted the pairing. It was a watershed moment for the agencies too, as they confirmed the relationship prior to that, most agencies would deny it, even in the face of proof. With his Instagram posts hinting at what seems definitely more than a regular friendship though, fans and netizens believe there was something between the two. Their secret rendezvous stirred up the imaginations, but their hectic schedule ended up getting in the way and the pair called it quits last year after a year together. When he was being teased by Kim Chang Ryul about his new friendship with Kyungri, Eunkwang quickly dismissed further ideas which implied dating by saying that he just wants to be friends with her.

Besides explaining the absence of dating restrictions, Minhyuk also picked the fellow member Peniel as the first person in the group who would date and be involved in a relationship. Here are five idols who have put themselves in the spotlight the most often with their wild dating lives. The agency revealed that G-Dragon himself spoke about the situation. Up until this article was written, there is no clarification regarding the real situation between Hyunsik and his alleged coordi girlfriend. Moreover, there are similarities in what Hyunsik and his coordi posted on their Instagram account, such as phone case, pants, listening to the same song, and attending the same exhibitions.

NCT dating scandal

Fans captured the moment which made it seem Junsu and Taeyeon are holding hands on stage. The fans of BtoB, who are otherwise known as Melodies, noticed that Hyunsik is the only BtoB member who follows his coordi. The fact that she's long been a fan of Junsu made the story even sweeter. On multiple occasions, diamond the two have been spotted together on what appear to be dates.

Idols Dating Fans Another K-pop Taboo

The Hottest News of BtoB Dating Scandal

The Hottest News of BtoB Dating Scandal

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Dating a fan could be perceived as the idol expressing preference for one fan over others, and therefore spurning the devotion of many others. We will have to check with Rain himself. In the end of his post, Minhyuk asked Melodies the fan club name of BtoB fans to believe in him.

Let s Find Out BtoB Dating Scandal

Idols Dating Fans Another K-pop Taboo seoulbeats

For this reason, idols dating fans who are also famous may not be outside the realms of possibility. At that time, translate dating to chinese Minhyuk was obviously a persistent man because he confessed to her not only once but five times because he although he did not say it directly was rejected numerous times. There is a lot I learn from him and I am grateful for him.

Does Lana Deserve to Debut? So, keep reading, dear readers! This could mislead fans and diminish the healthy distance that ought to exist between idols and fans. The two later starred in a cellphone commercial together, dating websites under possibly being the connection that brought them closer together.

  • In fact, in December, Dispatch released evidence that G-Dragon and Jooyeon are indeed dating as they spent three days on Jeju Island together.
  • Austin was revealed to be dating a long-time fan who had publicly expressed her adoration towards the actor on social media.
  • He pointed out he was first to buy the earrings.
  • Nevertheless, one area where idols dating fans seems to be less taboo is when that fan is also a celebrity themselves.
  • Dispatch shared that Rain wooed Kim Tae Hee until she opened up to him.
5 Idols Who ve Been Involved In The Most Dating Scandals - Koreaboo

The Reason Dating Is A Scandal In K-pop

The press shared a wealthy elite who is close to both Rain and Jun Ji Hyun played matchmaker for them and helped them fall in love with each other. As affectionate pictures from his private Instagram account began circulating, fans became convinced the two were in a relationship. In the relation to that girl, Minhyuk disclosed that the girl and him have resemblances such as the height, blood type, apartment number, and eyesight, making them be lovers with an uncanny destiny. The story went that Rain, who was not aware he was on air live when g.

NCT dating scandal

When some pictures of the two touring Los Angeles went viral, best dating apps romania some became completely convinced there is something between these K-Pop idols. Which Studio Ghibli movie is your favourite and least favourite? BtoB is a boy group who has debuted for five years. They are close associates since working for the same drama together.

Bill introduced to allow dual citizenship for Indians. However, Peniel added, his plan has changed because as of now, he is busy with working. Dating for idols even in the simplest of cases is a reputational and social minefield and can, in the worst cases, halt or ruin careers. She's the icon of first love and he is the boy who can do no wrong. Rain was spotted using his vacation time and off-days to go see Kim Tae Hee.

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