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Dating ercol labels, how did you come to write your book on Ercol furniture?

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Dining table and chairs Ercol is particularly suited to dining rooms. Ercol's mass-produced furniture found a ready market in post-war Britain, malaysia free online dating sites which demanded smaller pieces with simpler lines than their chunky pre-war counterparts.

In High Wycombe, famous for its chair manufacturing, built a chair arch for the visit of Queen Victoria to Disraeli at his home, Hughenden Manor. These have the tension springs instead of webbing. Could you advise who may wish to buy it.

Always contact the seller first though. Its factory in Princes Risborough is just a few miles down the road from its original base at High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. Making sure it keep its roots and authenticity, whilst being contemporary enough to fit with your existing living space. Also, how should we take care of it if we purchase it? Around how much should I expect to get on the sale.

Secondhand Ercol - buyer's guide

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Secondhand Ercol furniture - buyer's guide

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How to Identify a Genuine Ercol by Corwel - Issuu

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Superb for many uses, kitchen at home, small eateries, restaurants, cafes, bistros etc. It can be used as a sofa, or occasional bed. The reissues are manufactured to a very high standard, often using the same distinctive combination of wood beech and elm. What sort of price should I expect. The sideboard is different than the one pictured above, but has those amazing curved oval shaped handles like the one in the picture above.

Secondhand Ercol furniture - buyer's guide There is a strong market for secondhand Ercol furniture on eBay. Any Idea to value, and best place to sell. One of the oval handles has a break in it and I would like to get a replacement. As well as being ultra-efficient, the machines were extremely precise. You shouldn't need to do much to them if they are in good condition.

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The same was true of Ercol, which is why the company was so phenomenally successful. Remarkably, Ercol is one of the few leading British post-war furniture companies still in operation. How did you come to write your book on Ercol furniture? They were first launched in the late s. Refurbishing and stripping back the wood, replacing arms, legs and frames with authentic components.

Using the latest products and techniques, you can refurbish to a very high standard whilst keeping a thoroughly authentic appearance. However, on the downside they can take a lot of time and money. It's got a high back and light wood.

The Originals collection reflected a break from the heavy, ornate pre-war styles towards a new clean lined, simple elegance. Looking to sell, live in Manchester area. Just wondered what price I should ask.