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Dating elgin pocket watches

It looks very similar to the styly of the others. While it is open, make sure you record everything written on the movement of the watch and the watch case. In theory, this should all be transparent to everyone and there should be zero downtime. These two serial numbers are unrelated.

These numbers are stamped on the back outside of the case. Sometimes it is easy to answer, and sometimes it is impossible.

Model numbers were typically stamped inside the case back, as you can see in the picture at left. How to Open a Watch Case While opening a watch isn't rocket science, a watch can be damaged if you try to open it incorrectly. Second, attempt to identify the model by matching the case to known examples or to identification resources. Elgin made a very large number of private label watches, that is, Elgins released under different brand names, typically with difference cases.

The case back can also provide insight into the manufacturer. If you don't have an exact Serial Number, you can use many other Search Options. There are several ways to get an idea of when your watch was made. We look at each of these issues, below. In between, pinning an individual Elgin down to a specific year and model can be a bit of a chore.

Here are samples of the styles that each decade offered. If there are any discrepancies, verify the serial number.

Also the names that are marked on the movement have been abbreviated. This will give a good idea of the manufacture date. First, establish that the watch is, in fact an Elgin.

Sometimes it isThese numbers are stamped on the