Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince

Dating a super busy man cartoon

It's all about taking everything day to day. When I'm extra-busy, I am more careful about being polite and keeping my word, not less.

Whether you can deal with that is up to you. My weekend days were in group project work. Maybe save this for mentioning next time he fits you into his schedule. There will be a lot of pressure when you do get together. Recently, I met a guy who's pretty extraordinary, enough to make me realise how much talking-myself-into-it I've done about other crushes and flings in the past few years.

Not saying that is the case here, but reminding you that you don't know this guy very well, so stay alert. Kenan and Avery will have their problems to work out before they're on their way to becoming a couple, if they want to be, but it looks like smooth sailing for Baixi and Deilan. Good chance you end up being friends with benefits type relationship. And if this wouldn't be creepy or stalkery. If being together is going to have to be an all-evening affair every time, of course you won't see him very often.

You can continue to chat by e-mail, but let him take the initiative when he's ready to get together again. For me, similar situations have resulted in getting extrmely casual around each other pretty quickly. In the months since their split, Baixi and Deilan have become a full blown couple.

If he doesn't call on Sunday, and then calls on Wednesday, that's bad, especially if he's only calling to tell you he'll call you sometime in the undetermined future. Before Kong Kenan showed up as the Chinese Man of Steel, it fell to Baixi and Deilan to defend their nation, and they did so quite well. The errands and the dates blur, and suddenly you're in each other's hip pockets and being super-practical, but having a great time.

Whether you can deal with that

This has been a relationship a n number of fans have wanted to be canon for a long time now. One, if he wants to make time, he will. If he doesn't do so right away, that may just be that the hypothetical counter-proposal would be for more than a week from now, and that feels ridiculous. Two busy people can make a great long-term relationship, though the early dating stages may be kind of hell on skates. If they're busy, that's not a good reason for wasting your time and stringing you along.

My weekend days

Even the first time we had sex was pretty good, with all the qualities I like in a partner and lots of laughing and both of us getting off repeatedly. And we don't play games, like a previous poster is suggesting you do. But I have to say that really keen people find the opportunities to see and talk to the people they are keen on. For the short-term, your job is done - he knows you want to see him, and he's got some options of when that might be, so his next step is to send you a counter-proposal.

He won't hear from me again, ever. Your case doesn't sound ominous at all. Also, with email, texting and other instant type communication sort of like the phone when I was your age. You've made a few suggestions to get together and now the ball is in his court. But listen to your instincts if you think it is.

So I would beware of taking more initiative than he does just because you have less on your plate right now. If he calls back, but with more cat-stringing, maybe he thinks he's going to see you again, but you know he really isn't. But putting myself in your shoes, what I'd do is to pick an arbitrary date, say, two weeks in the future, and pretend that I know I won't hear from him until then. Just slipping in a quick visit to see eachother's faces every now and then keeps the connection going.