Smith winds up catching his cold

Dating a monster girl

They go home only to find

Just be sure not to sell the egg to anyone suspicious and store it somewhere safe. Arachnes have six eyes and the lower body of a spider, complete with eight legs and a hardened exoskeleton. Lamias also have pointed ears and fangs, though their bite does not appear to be poisonous.

After that, he decides to let her stay at his house. In order to promote inter-species cultural exchange, we've compiled this handy field guide to keep you from getting crushed, trampled, drowned, or otherwise injured by your non-human girlfriend.

They go home, only to find Smith there. Since they failed to do so, Ms. Smith lets Lala live with Kimihito and the others by her request.

Smith sends Kimihito and the girls to a gym suited for liminals, owned and run by a kobold named Polt. The chief of police admits that he needs Smith's help. On the way back home, Draco attacks Kimihito, but Suu defends him with the poison she absorbed from the plant tasting. Papi then takes a bath in a public fountain, where Miia finds them. Arachnes look more dangerous than they are, but getting on one's bad side could land you in a sticky situation.

Since they failed to

You can read about the harmful harem here. They eventually catch him, despite various embarrassing accidents. If a harpy lays an egg while you're dating, don't panic. Unwilling to help her, they use the same pandemic excuse she made earlier. All with some degree of a Tsundere personality.

They are capable of spinning large webs in a short amount of time, and often seek out dark corners and high places. Smith asks all the girls to go on dates with Kimihito. Later that evening, the girls are shocked when Kimihito brings home a headless girl, freaking out Miia. The girls sneak out with Suu, only to realize that they have left Kimihito behind.

Each secret ending has its own unique illustration. Kimihito soon finds out that someone else sent the second letter when a scythe is pressed against his throat by a mysterious girl with blue skin dressed in black. This is considered an especially grievous form of assault, and will likely result in swift retaliation.