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Rohilkhand saw a mass conversion

Some Punjabi Hindus can also be found in the surrounding areas as well as the recent cosmopolitan migrants in other big cities like Mumbai. The main campus of Imperial College was constructed beside the buildings of the Imperial Institute in South Kensington. Facilities include a campus library. Some of the main areas include Punjabi poetry, philosophy, spirituality, artistry, dance, music, cuisine, military weaponry, architecture, languages, traditions, values and history. The Punjabi culture is the culture of the Punjabi people, who are now distributed throughout the world.

Gurmukhi is the writing script used by Sikhs and for scriptures of Sikhism. Punjabi Sikh women also have a strong artistic tradition. Amrita Shergill was a renowned painter. The vast majority of Pakistan's population are native speakers of the Punjabi language and it is the most spoken language in Pakistan.

Majority of Punjabi

Some still have managed to retain the Punjabi dialects spoken in Western Punjab, but many have also adopted Hindi. It is one of the oldest and richest cultures in world history, dating from ancient antiquity to the modern era. Punjabi language Punjabi is the most spoken language in Pakistan and eleventh most spoken language in India. Punjabi culture Punjabi culture is the culture of the Punjab region.

The province became an important centre and Lahore was made into a second capital of the Ghaznavid Empire. Many of the Hindu Punjabis from the Indian capital Delhi are immigrants and their descendants, from various parts of Western Pakistani Punjab.

The Delhi Sultanate and later Mughal Empire ruled the region. In Imperial was granted degree-awarding powers in its own right by the Privy Council. They are still considered and treated as leaders among many Punjabi villages. Sufis also comprised the educated elites of the Punjab for many centuries. Also women in general manage the finances of the household.

Mai Bhago is a good example in this regard. Muslim Punjabis in Pakistan use the Persian script to write the Punjabi language.

Majority of Punjabi women were considered as warriors upon a time, they excelled in the art of both leadership and war. Rohilkhand saw a mass conversion of its entire population of Mazhabi Sikhs into the Methodist Church. It is used in official documents in parts of India and elsewhere. It the largest single biomedical laboratory in Europe.

Priyanka Chopra and Rupi Kaur are modern-day example of this as well. Missionary Sufi saints whose dargahs dot the landscape of Punjab region also played the dominant role in bringing about conversion. Facilities include a campus library, catering outlets and sports facilities.

Moreover, Punjabi women fought in the past along with the men when the time arose. Consequently, since the independence they are now divided between Pakistani Punjab and Indian Punjab.