Learning about you is the goal

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How It Works You Call The initial call covers the Compatibles process in detail so you understand how it flows, answers any questions you may have and the pricing options. Meeting new people and providing feedback on those meetings helps Nicole hone her skills for her making that ideal introduction. You accept or decline each referral. Clients are wonderful people and always a pleasure to meet over coffee.

Thank you Nicole for introducing us

Your goal is our goal and it is one we take seriously. Learning about you is the goal. We Meet Over coffee or tea, a conversational approach in getting to know you is easy and comfortable.

Entrust Nicole as your own personal Matchmaker and let her introduce you to exceptional local people seriously committed to finding their other half. Getting to know you through questions starts the ground work towards the ultimate goal of finding a relationship for you to explore. You Meet You set up the place and time together.

Information is gathered about you and those you'd most want to be introduced to.

Thank you, Nicole, for introducing us. No idea when or where or how.

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