Lupin means wolf in French

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Hopefully, she would also get Luna's unwavering loyalty. Anyone named after him would be a gentle giant who shouldn't be underestimated. Hermione comes from the Greek god Hermes, a quick-witted deity who was organized enough to relay messages and lead people into the Underworld.

Someone named Kingsley Shacklebolt

As the boy who lived, Harry was already legendary from his infancy. Raise baby Bellatrix away from any no-good noseless overlords, and you should be good. But for those not in the magical know, the name can be as tongue-twisting as Wingardium Leviosa. Hermione One-third of the golden trio, Hermione Granger was repeatedly described as the brightest witch of her generation. Remeus was the name of one of Rome's mythical cofounders, who was raised by wolves.

She stood in line for autographed books long before she battled thousands of girls for the role of Lovegood. Neville Once a cowardly first year who everyone hexed, Neville Longbottom became one of the best characters in the series. Kingsley Even if you know nothing about him, the name Kingsley Shacklebolt oozes boss vibes.

Bellatrix We know

Someone named Kingsley Shacklebolt is not to be messed with. Bellatrix We know she was basically the Harley Quinn of the Wizarding World and killed her cousin the beloved Sirius Black, but hear us out. Latin for moon, her name suggests an affinity for mysterious wisdom, female intuition, and of course, magic. If you can put up with Weasley antics, Fred and George are your best bet for twin names that'll endear them to everybody.