If you love the material, use it

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At my age, come to think of it, I m pretty dated too.

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, I also suspect that if anything dooms many granites in the kitchen, it will be this aspect. When I hear granite is dated I laugh because so few people actually have granite. Metal finish colors go in and out and new ones have been introduced.

And I m looking toBut dated has absolutely

And I m looking to sell in the near future. But dated has absolutely nothing to do with a stone s usefulness in the intended application of countertops. Granite is now just becoming a serious option in my area. But do be aware of Rosie s point about sealers and try to find a stone that doesn t require the application of plastics resins to make it suitable for food use.

Polished remains the most durable and easiest to clean. My mom had Blue Pearl, and had a large coffee table made with it, and metal base. So, no, I don t think blue pearl goes out of style.

Quartz is most likely to demonstrate the typical product life cycle of a manufactured product. Now that granite is available at big cating stores, I imagine its day in the world of cutting-edge kitchens has already passed largely replaced with marble, if the engins shelter mags are predictive. Got to see a lot of kitchens. Quartz manufacturers are countering this effect with continued product development and new colors which mimic popular natural stone colors including some modest movement.

Our update will be medium oak cabinets and I m leaning toward the Emerald Pearl granite, which is dark. My previous job recently laid off was to review house inspections for insurance companies. But there is reasonable dated like marble tile vs what-were-they-thinking dsting mauve Corian. After she died, everyone wanted that table.

We rarely do the kitchen in a high end home in quartz. If I have to say what granite I saw the most of. If you love the material, use it. My next home will have a minimum of it. It was granite, but you don t see much of it now.

That being said, some things will cycle longer than others. Dated is simply marketing-speak for ddating many of the stationnary polloi have X now, and we need to move to something more rarified expensive hard to get difficult to maintain. It will gradually websitrs it s panache as consumers become more educated and the quartz surfaces become more common with lower priced brands becoming available.