And I think that'll take a while

Caitlyn jenner dating men

It is more than hair, makeup, clothes, all that kind of stuff. Being trans doesn't make one immune from criticism.

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Because I think as far as gender, we're all on a journey. Jenner soon posted a video showing that she had taken Trump up on his offer. After, she remained decidedly on the fence about whether she would sleep with men, women or both.

Referring to Jenner as a man, he stated that he found Glamour giving Jenner the same award insulting to Moira's memory, and referred to the matter as a publicity stunt. Welcome to the world Caitlyn. Getty Images North America At the time, she hinted that she was in fact more open to meeting a man. There's an element here that I'm still kind of searching for. We're all learning and growing about ourselves.

It's a different kind of courage, but it is courage nonetheless. In the early s, Jenner was the host of an infomercial for a stair-climbing exercise machine called the Stair Climber Plus.

We are more than the stereotypes foisted upon us by people like you. Looking directly at the camera, Jenner is finally herself for the first time publicly. It is far harder to recognise mental courage. And I think that'll take a while. We easily recognise physical courage such as saving orphans from burning buildings, or ordinary people putting their lives in the line of fire.

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