Success didn't go to his head

Bully buhlan seid ihr alle datingsites

So, as is well known, the Berlin stroke of the tongue does not stop at district borders. His real career aspiration was a supposedly completely dry occupation, which is connected with paragraphs and regulations.

His partner was Rita

His partner was Rita Paul. And that's how he seemed later - at least in the films he shot in the fifties. And Jary also discovered the sympathetic voice of his pianist, which he then only placed in front of the vocal microphone during the orchestra recordings. It wasn't much, but being able to play there more than made up for the meagre income. The fact that he grew up in the district of Lichterfelde, which is streaked with greenery, may not be so decisive.

Success didn't go to his head. Buhlan got to know swing in the middle of the war, not only the musical forms, but also the feeling of life of this music, which is supported by a strong optimism.

And also at his stage appearances one did not notice him as the star, who he undoubtedly was. And right in the middle of it - Bully Buhlan. Marbles - if they are especially big, they are also called buckers - can be played everywhere. Bully Buhlan at the piano. And he was happy when the audience liked his songs and clapped accordingly.

And that's how