Boss Gt 100 Patches

Matias Kupiainen Collection Artist. Classic Country tones used by the pro session musicians and performers all over the world. Thank you sir for these delightful goodies!

With your tones and videos, i am able to quickly get the ins and outs. These are the very same patches I use in my Live Shows and I have also used these same patches on all of my Albums and Youtube videos. Herman Li Collection Artist. Just fantastic, excellent job on the Plexi and Z. Not only was this my first gig with helix but the first time using any other patches live so I was nervous a bit.

All created presets has been tested and fine tuned through Boss Katana guitar amplifier speaker. This is a place where you can get some new custom made sound for your Boss multi effects processor.

There are many guys trying to create patches. These clean patches are beautiful. If you like these, style basketball game you can get downloaded priced patches as well. Brett Kingman Collection Artist.

Marty Hailey's Country Artist. There are broad sound possibilities in what you created. One of the toughest things is getting a beautiful, but dynamic, clean sound, not just on the Helix, but in general.

Your super friendly approach truly comes through in your videos. Thank you very much and know I will keep checking your web page for anything else you create.

All your hard work has inspired me to practice more since you've made it easy to get great tone, and I thank you for that. Tone Meister, Gundy Keller Artist. You need to know that they worked perfectly and are absolutely worth every penny. You really helped guide me in the right direction starting off with this unit.


In this collection of patches, Alex has created some unique sounds of his own and recreated some classic tones too. The first set of patches were perfect for my playing style. The author is a spectacular musician and his art clearly shines throughout these gifts.

You have really made it easier on me and cut my time in half getting the sounds I need for church. Andrew Aldridge Collection Artist. You've also made me a fan of your music when I saw the Jazz patch demo of you playing Play on Words - great song, great album!

Guitar effect patches for the Boss GT-100

And you are welcome back anytime to check out the improvements. The price is ridiculously inexpensive and I would have gladly dropped a C note for these sonic wonders. So, great product and great support. Keep up the great work I love seeing new tones from you it is so helpful to buy your tones and have a template to customize to my setup, it sure saves me a lot of time and grief. It showed up the day before a gig, and I didn't have any time to really tweak anything.

Select the unit you would like to work with from the menu above or below. Freddie Cowan - The Vaccines Artist. In all probability these sounds a bit better and more plentiful in a live situation. Watch my Patch Loading Tutorial Here.

The first four patches are the main sounds that Jesse uses everyday. Also if you use your phone or tablet to purchase you will need to send me an email and I will quickly send you the items you purchased. They cover a wide range of styles. Have a super week and keep rockin.

Maybe too much delay on the lead, but nothing too much at all. The guys in the band were impressed, as was I. The helix and your patches have reinvigorated by playing.

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Guitar effect patches for Boss GT

Thank you for making it possible for guys like me, who are computer challenged, to get really great tone s. Classic Patches By Josh Munday. The patches are just excellent. Marty Friedman Collection Artist. So, with a couple twists here and there it will be ready to go.

Jack Thammarat Collection Artist. Unique, tricky sound collection by Gundy Keller. Ethereal but punchy enough to cut through the mix just perfectly.

They would not be unsatisfied. As a former small business owner I know one of the worst things you can do is ignore your customers. Song-specific patches made by Josh Munday, Australian guitar clinician. These are the ones I have used in my videos and I use these live as well. They are really excellent.

It's a wonder many of them stay in business. They loaded flawless and work perfectly. Creative Tones by Alex Hutchings Artist. We hope you would find some useful stuff here, which helps your guitar or other stringed instrument sound better. You saved me many hours of messing with the stuff I hate messing with-All the Tweaks.

Watch the Video Playlist Here. Feel free to walk through the website and download patches such you like. Some of your other patches seem to be as well put together, so I'm eager to adapt them to my set list.

Kim SeHwang Collection Artist. Each of these patches represents a tone from a famous song. You've nailed it on all of these.

Custom Made Guitar Patches