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Parts are cheap and plentiful and there are regular club events to attend. Make sure the colour matches the exterior of the car.

However, when mated to a new five-speed manual, the engine still delivered peppy performance. Replacement gears are cheap, but fiddly to fit. It also was available with a number of optional features, including a sport steering wheel, sport seats, leather upholstery, and a sunroof.

The two-door sport coupe sat on a sport-tuned suspension and displayed such exterior features as flared fenders, a repositioned rear window, and higher rear deck. Switches give up the ghost with regularity, but are easily sourced and replaced. Tuning Boxes are completely safe as long as you stick to the recognised brands.

Where the chip has been custom mapped to suit your car it will deliver a safe and reliable power increase that has been tested and proven. Front suspension turrets can rot from the base.

The third generation was the first to feature a staggered roll-out of trims. Allow the car to idle until warm listening for the fan to come on. Also take a screwdriver and magnet to the sills. Improperly adjusted valves can break rocker arms. New sedans and wagons debuted in for the model year, while the coupes and convertibles appeared a year later.

Two six-cylinder trims were also available in Europe. This was due to the fact that the sedans and wagons shared a similar, wider body style, while the coupes and convertibles were longer and narrower. If you find rust here walk away. However, due to a retuned suspension and a tighter frame, handling improved dramatically, according to some reviewers. Avoid high mileage cars that jump out of gear or have worn synchromesh.

These are all substantial increases that will be very noticeable when driving. In comparison to other methods of increasing car performance the tuning chip is by far one of the most cost effective for such a great and instant power improvement.

However when mated to a

Sills, scuttle and arches are the main problem areas. Rot in the roof skin is terminal, so watch out for bubbling here.

Replacement gears are cheap but fiddly

Any fluid dripping on this hints at a knackered clutch master cylinder. They also fit right in at classic shows, track days, or simply on the daily commute.