Andresen et al, Nature Geo

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Regionally glaciers in the

Andresen et al, Nature Geo. Regionally, glaciers in the northwest accelerated steadily, with more variability in the southeast and relatively steady flow elsewhere. Intraregional variability shows a complex response to regional and local forcing.

Andresen et al Nature

Finally, our observations have implications for recent work on sea level rise. The same behaviour is found in multicentennial control runs of the coupled climate models. We try to discriminate the respective roles of the internal variability of the climate system and of external forcing factors, in particular anthropogenic emissions greenhouse gases and aerosols.

Observed acceleration indicates that sea level rise from Greenland may fall well below proposed upper bounds. For that purpose, we have computed sea level trend patterns over successive yr windows i. Our objective is to investigate whether this yr-long trend pattern was different before the altimetry era, what was its spatio-temporal variability and what have been its main drivers.