Backdating to save age

Backdating to save age

Sara is a year-old female applying at Prudential. Carriers will always allow lowering the limit at approval but may balk at increasing the amount at issue if the proper exam requirements were not performed. Backdating to save age was the motivating factor helping the person make the proper decision to purchase the life insurance needed.

Carriers will always allow

If you need permanent insurance, apply now. No obligation instant life insurance quotes will be displayed right away by filling out the form on the left. Have a skeptical eye to what is being proposed to you and ask questions. The deadline for an application for the old, lower priced product is the end of the month. For example, if your half birthday was two months ago and your application was just approved today, you will automatically be charged as the older person-your nearest age.

Sara is a yearold female applying

Always make sure you do the math if you are near your birthday or half birthday for age nearest companies. In language everyone can understand, this pays the death benefit over time in a number of payments instead of all at once in a lump sum. Just do the years that you can to bank some savings. For instance, Lincoln Financial is following suit with a lot of other companies and replacing their no lapse guarantee universal life with a higher priced product. The insurance company returns the favor by giving you a discount.