This is the tip of the iceberg

Backdating csa payments uk

Your daughter would really have to seek legal advice regarding this, as the matter would have to be referred back to court for consideration. In summer, was out of work, and had to use Foodbanks to feed boys. According to Maintenence calculators he is not Paul g anywhere near the amount that would be the expectation of someone in recipes of that salary. My daughter never sought an increase in maintenance over the years when fathers professional wages increased.

Her mother was not married to him and has since passed away sadly. His share if the property niw exceeds the maintenance he has paid overall.

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Does that make sense, it did in my head. Surly they can only use the current information from the up today payslips. Am struggling to make ends meet. You would not be able to take the matter to the small claims court. Would like to be sent to prison, in order to bring this whole issue to attention of media and politicians.

Father left me when pregnant and has never ever wanted anything to do with him. Assessment is from the time that your ex notifies them. At the end of my tether after years of constant harassment from ex. Phone the csa and ask they are sometimes helpful depening on how you speak to.

The stress, mental pressures and their non complience tactics don't help the situation and make it worse. If she does contact them and an assessment is done then if you miss payments from then on it would be backdated. They will only backdate if an assessment has been paid and you havent paid. You can see all you need to know about how payments are made via the link here.

The money will have to pay again. Now he has asked for his share of house as time us up via consent order. This is the tip of the iceberg.