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There is beauty in anything and everything. Kuyil isai adhu paadida Swara varisaigal thevayaa Mayil nadanangal aadida Jadhi oligalum thevayaa. And now when I understand the meaning of this song, it gets more beautiful. The tender heart is a swing that sways to the left and right.

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Only transliterated lyrics of original song is given here. Thank you for the translation, fell in love with this song. Newer Post Older Post Home. Through eyes of love, genius mp3 everything seems beautiful Is only rain beautiful?

2014 Azhage Azhagu Edhuvum Azhage Saivam Tamil Song LyricsRealPrimalConnection Azhage Azhage from Saivam Lyrics and meaning

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And, your translation is quite poetic too! Is it only the flower that is beautiful?

Song azhage Voice azhage Visuals azhage Lyrics azhage And u r translation is also azhage. Other Songs from Saivam Album.

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The best lyrics translated so well thank you Manasaa. Understanding the lyrics helped me appreciate the song better. Download Nulled WordPress Themes. Kindly go through once and let me know if it is fine.

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He is one of the renowned lyricists in Tamil Film Industry. Azhagae azhagae edhuvum azhagae Anbin vizhiyil ellaam azhagae Mazhai mattumaa azhagu Sudum veyil kooda oru azhagu Malar mattumaa azhagu Vizhum ilai kooda oru azhagu. Idhayam oru oonjalae Idam valam adhu aadidum Inbathil adhu thoindhidum Thunbathil adhu moolgidum.

In the light of love, all is beautiful. Through eyes of love, everything seems beautiful Is only fall of rain beautiful?

To flow along, does river need an escort? Muthukumar is the lyricist. Thank you so much for your kind words, Subramanya! The silence that follows the end of speech is also beautiful. Kudos to the lyrics writer.

The sight of a smile is beautiful. Unite with nature, world becomes beautiful Forget worries, life becomes beautiful. Beauty is all around us, we have to open our hearts to see it. Very nice of you to give the translation. He is also a National Award winner.

Thank you very much for the translation! Download WordPress Themes.

Why do I write

There is no meaning in pondering about the past and there is nothing greater than looking at the present and counting our blessings. For the waves in the ocean to form its sounds, is there a need for language or grammar.

The song wakes us up to the inherent natural beauty and strengths in everything around us and in our own selves. The scorching sun has its beauty too. Also, for this song, he was bestowed with National Award as well. To dance, does peacock need patterns? Uttara truly deserves all the accolades.

Nice song and good translation frm sri lankan. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Truth, is indeed very beautiful.

Nadandhadhai naam naalumae Ninaipadhil porul illayae Nadapathai naam enninaal Adhiavida uyarvillayae. Dear manasaa, You did a great job and commendable effort, but i need to say something about the lyrics.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Congratulations to Uttara Unnikrishnan for winning the national award for this.

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Credits go to the wonderful words of the song, penned by Mr. Thank you very much for posting the meaning of this song.

Download WordPress Themes Free. The falling leaf too has its own beauty. Would love to know your take on it. Notify me of new posts via email.