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Anytime someone asked about something, she would go into a torrential narration. He named Pulugurta Lakshmi Narasamamba as the first woman writer of fiction.

It is important for the researcher to ask questions tactfully and draw the causal beliefs and convictions of the subjects. The title was created by Dr. The two poems eloquently describe the heartrending pain she had sustained. The Sarada lekhalu set a new standard in the genre of letter-writing in Telugu literature.

Venkatarao had written thousands of

She writes only when she is inspired. She entered the field at a time when even male scholars were scarce in the study of folklore.

The festschriften volume, vidushi, features several articles from eminent scholars. Venkatarao had written thousands of articles, numerous valuable forewords, and delivered hundreds of speeches both on the air and in person, according to Dr.

For her, poetry is a means to express oneself, it must be sincere. The language is not colloquial by current standards but it was at the time it was written. She has served on reputable literary and progressive organizations in various capacities.

In that, the author succeeded in presenting a situation authentically. Then one villager from the audience stood and recited a poem from the Bhagavatam, mispronouncing the words, which changed the meaning. After a couple of years, she wrote it and threw it into a box.

Historically, the story of Viswamitra has been associated with the king Harischandra known for his truthfulness and for having his integrity tested by Viswamitra in the harshest way possible. Personally, I have great regard for both Venkatarao and Arudra. The book Viswamitra maharshi is a prose kavya.

However, unlike other historians, Venkatarao included several writers other historians had not taken note of. Krishnakumari insists that we must stop promoting the argument that we do not have correct words in our language. Her students speak fondly of her. Those writings only hurt the society, not help. Instead, she went to Andhra University, Visakhapatnam in pursuit of Telugu literature studies.

Harsha charitra, pancatantram, kadambari and viewed as kavya literature. He said the word referred to a game women used to play in which one woman would attempt to touch other women with a branch and others would try to dodge it. To my knowledge, Lakshmikantamma was the only author to be honored with these two felicitations. She participated in literary meets with high-ranking poets of our time and sometimes she was the only woman writer in a given meet. Varalakshmamma threw in her lot with these political and social movements at an early age.

He established with apt illustrations that the Saivaites did not reject the existence of Vishnu but portrayed him in their literatures as a devotee of Siva Pothana. For instance, Venkatarao, while working on his book, dakshinandhra vanjmayam, criticized radhikasvantanam by S.

The festschriften volume vidushi features