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Are matt and kim from catfish dating pic

Somewhere around here is when Nev checks in with Mrs. And when it was time for Kim to tell Matt about Norma, he was understandably surprised.

Evidence Of Airbnb The First, btw. Nev, Kim, and Max sit down so that she can tell them the rest of the shit she conveniently skipped the day before. Uh, maybe wait until you've seen all the evidence before you have a joy meltdown, Kim. If the idea is to confine Kim in a space where she can't run away, I guess that makes sense.

Kim had gone into labor when she and Matt were supposed to meet. Kim is currently in a relationship, her boyfriend Scott, knows about Matt and Kim feels she has to meet Matt as things are about to become serious with Scott. Max also makes Kim admit that she'd skipped one of their planned in-person meetings due to labour. He reminds her of times they were there for one another in times of bereavement. Joe takes Norma from her arms so that Kim can have her big summit with Matt and the crew.

He was called Steven andNev adds Matt to the call

Might as well go for it, I guess. Kim blames herself as she was the last person he spoke to and he was reaching out to her. Affects every aspect of his life. Outside, Nev sweetens his offer of imposing on Matt a meeting with the woman he's been avoiding for five years by adding that if Matt wants it to happen, he's going to have to be the one to travel. Nev is basically like, I don't know how to deal with you when you retreat into your hair palace, but she doesn't want to tell him and steps out of the room.

Nev adds Matt to the call, and asks how he's been fulfilling his duties as godfather. He was called Steven and had recently passed away.

Everyone goes inside Norma joining Kim on the Couch, though Kim says her dad will probably come pick her up soon. He helped with a huge part of her recovery. They have never skyped and she has only seen a few photos on Facebook.