They were going to think I'm huge

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Actually, Koli and I went through it together. Funny thing, before I reached out to Johnston for her thoughts on body image, she reached out to me. Also, when you lose a lot of weight really quickly, you have to get surgery because you do have excess skin. It's nice to lay there and give myself positive affirmations. Since the show, we've had our ups and downs with our weight.

It completely changed our lives

It completely changed our lives in a huge, positive way. What follows are questions and answers from my recent heart-to-heart with the Biggest Loser who lost more weight than any female contestant in the show's history. After losing almost half her body weight on the reality game show, girl moves to sunny California to live happily ever after with dream boy. She always felt the pressure of being thin and was constantly cutting herself down. But I still had that issue with body image.

Body image is an issue not only for people struggling with weight. With the eating, I've really kept a consistent diet. If I was walking past a mirror, I really wouldn't recognize myself at times. Before the show, my body-image issues were really, really bad. Being on the show definitely magnifies it.

Also, I am eating healthy. Ashley Johnston's story sounds like the American dream. That negative voice is still waiting for me when I wake up in the morning, but I try to look at the positive side of things. Remi Sonaya, she was my lecturer at the Obafemi Awolowo University. She also has body-image issues that stem back for her as well.

Body image is one thing I've struggled with before the show, during the show and now. While body contouring rids the body of excess skin, it may leave large, visible scars and skin irregularities, if not body-shape deformities.

When I'd go work out, I was really self-conscious about my arms. You'll never have that perfect body. Before-and-after photo used with permission by The Biggest Loser. You say the weight loss never stopped the self-beat-up.

What follows are

She was never a size zero, but she's naturally thin. The hope was that I would finally have that perfect body, that I would feel comfortable naked, in a bathing suit or more form-fitted clothing. If you can't picture the runner-up of The Biggest Loser season nine, this determined Southern belle was the one who went from to pounds in seven months. The first person to put a call through was Patience Jonathan.

Today, we're talking about body image, which you say is a huge, hidden issue for you and other contestants. You know, the blonde, blue-eyed darling of the mother-daughter team.