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The rescue of Kanchana, and Marthandan getting his retribution forms the rest of the exciting tale. The inspector Janagaraj in charge of the case, suspects Raja by tracing the car number given by the lorry driver. This song was added after the shoot was over. After getting rejected by a couple of girls, he would be seen walking into desert with his circus troupe in the climax.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Ragavachari and written by Kothamangalam Subbu. Bhaskar is seen watching the film on television. But the good doctor has taken the babies to the safety of his house. But Appu uses a Rube Goldbergian contraption to kill him, and the dead body falls in a lorry covered with hay.

Tracklist Buy Tracklist of Apoorva Saghodarargal. The film introduced the concept of identical twins and their feelings and eventually became a trendsetter for similar themes. The sad theme music in the film was highly acclaimed and remains popular to this day.

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Rare Brothers is a Indian Tamil-language action film directed by T. The woman, who incidentally happens to be Kaveri, realizes that Raja is the other twin and seeks out Muniyamma.

Chinnappa who refused fearing his image with Kannada actor Nagendra Rao being finalised for the role. Bhanumathi was the lead actress for all the three versions. Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Film.

Appu falls in love with the daughter Rupini of the circus owner T. Radha was selected to play the lead characters with Bhanumathi playing the lead actress. They both collaborate and go to the circus where their mothers are held captive.

Raja and Janaki have car trouble and hitchhike a ride in the same lorry, but are oblivious to the dead body. Mahendra Bhoopathi and Marthandan are rival kings. Raja is released from custody as the postmortem examination has revealed real tiger wounds that could not be inflicted by Raja's costume. Vijayan handled editing respectively, while the cinematography was handled by P. Francis is fishing in a lake.

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Raja too escapes and is on the run while the police had released a sketch of his face to the public. It became the highest grossing Tamil cinema movie, until its collections were broken by Baashha. Writers Screenplay Writer. Shiva tries to use Rube Goldberg machine similar to the one Kamal used in the film but fails. The Cinema Resource Centre.

The lorry driver Kavithalaya Krishnan discovers the body when he reaches his destination and calls the police. With silent approval of his mother, Appu shoots Dharmaraj, who falls down and gets eaten by circus lions. Raja, in an attempt to evade capture, threatens to kill the nearest woman he gets hold of. Toggle navigation Moviebuff. Appu escapes, but Raja and Janaki enter Sathyamoorthy's room, hearing the gunshot a few moments before the inspector arrives.

Rare Brothers was directed by C. They kill him and poison his wife Kaveri Srividya. Janaki becomes enraged when she learns that Raja has killed his father's friends and breaks up with him. Problems arise between the brothers in the forest, as Vikraman too falls for Kanchana.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Films directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao. Singeetham said that the dwarf look was done in different angles and innovative ideas had been adopted for each angle. Learning the truth about his past, Appu tracks down the four villains and kills three of them. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

The music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja. The music was composed by S. For the side angle shots, a trench was dug up just to cover up the actor's legs from the feet to knees, with special shoes attached at the knee level. Kamal decided to produce the film himself since no producers were willing to do the film. Appu comes to know that his father was an honest police officer who was killed by four criminals.

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Radha and Bhanumathi in titular roles and was produced in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi simultaneously. Camera and Electrical Director of Photography. Kamal revealed that idea of the film was inspired from a scene of the film Saagar in which he had acted.

For the film, memory maps for physics see Apoorva Sagodharargal film. Videos Apoorva Saghodarargal - Movie.

Raja, pursued by the police, is rescued by Appu and happy ending consists of the twins murdering the last villain. Kamal said that he rewrote the script after listening to an alternate take on the film and also said that the script was originally written for his mentor K.

Where did you watch this movie? Sethupathi Kamal Haasan is an honest and upright police officer. Appu uses one of his well trained circus Indian Spitz puppy to lure Francis to an abandoned building, and reveals his identity to him.

They both realize that the murders are committed by Appu, and Raja is mistaken as Appu, who overhears this. Meanwhile, Vijayan saves the beautiful Kanchana from the aging yet lust-filled Marthandan and his men.

He goes over to Janaki's house to smooth things over with the inspector following him covertly. Appu escapes, helps Raja evade the police, and tells him everything. Will Appu succeed in avenging his father's murder? However, he is prevented by his mother, who then reveals that his dwarfism might have been because of the poison force-fed to her when she was pregnant with the twins. Tamil Nadu State Film Awards.