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May be it would be best if someone i know was to describe me. CommonTime Head of Marketing. Oftentimes the girl would run away as soon as the guy asked them to do something together as if he were a monster. Chelsea Martin Our goal is to assist long distance couples who are looking to close the gap by helping guide them through their daunting visa application process. Sometimes as an outsider looking in, I feel that we can be fooled rather easily sometimes, and not realize it before it is too late.

Anyways, good luck and congratulations, brother. What a beautiful way to express and reinforce how you feel about Chelsea.

Ive got an all American woman and she is the real deal. Foreign women at least have the decency of respecting your opinion and will talk with you. You read about them all the time on discussion boards and how American women demonize them and treat flirting as some sort of unpleasant breach of their fantasy world. Gossip was how the females controlled who talked to them for the most part and using this mechanism they would often craft parties and events that only invited the chosen males.

If I was in another country I would have met many women like my current gf at a faster rate and less of headache. The worst part about it was that these girls were beautiful. So happy for the two of you.

There are no rules in life. Responsible marketing advocate, avid technophile, part time consultant and full time husband. These were all American girls.

All the best, Chris Jack Welcome to America. You have a beautiful girlfriend but if u choose to marry her u need to understand that marriage is for love and divorce is for money. Girls in general, not only American girls, love a man with a British accent and you made a very good point in saying that loving or hating a certain accent differs from person to person.

All the best Chris

But the thing is I had to go thru a ton of women, in the states, just to find someone like her. American women totally deny access, foreign women encourage you to earn access. Chelsea and I got married because we wanted to and it is what will make us happy. Perhaps I was lucky when I found Chelsea, she is an amazing person regardless of nationality. American girls enforce these social bubbles so strongly that you have males who go for years never talking to one.

Alexandra I really enjoyed reading your article and I totally agree with your points. Most of them were white girls you wanted to lose your virginity with, but they ended up being these icy divas from hell who talked down to you. This was where most of the orgy sex stories came from too.

Just do your share

At least not to the degree that American girls do. Anyway the way u described your gf sounds like everything like my gf now.

Just do your share of the work and one day lets open a winery, with shooting range of course. All the best, Chris awwhellno American women are superficial. Best wishes Thank you for your kind words Cheyenne. Now this sound sweet and selfless until a series of bad things happens and ya decide to get a divorce.