Akon Mr Lonely Video Song

For instance, the instruments are applied in light mode and this helps the song to have the right touch. The lesson that comes from the song is that those in love should never take each other for granted. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. Discography Awards and nominations.

Lonely I have nobody I have nobody For my own to call my own girl. While she is gone the reality dawns to the man and he is now able to see the real meaning of the girl to her. They touch on the characters feelings and emotional situations of the singer and audience. It became a hit song in several countries including Germany, Australia and United Kingdom and remained in the top of the table for several weeks.

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The song is very timely and cuts across the different genres and touches on almost every person who has been in love. Loneliness becomes so much that he sings out to release the feelings to the people. The issue of dialogue in relationship is essential and can be used in the song to help solve issues arising in marriage and relationship. This aspect of gender brings mixed reactions about what is the purpose of dressing ladies in such manner. It a long process and calls for concentration which might lack due to other commitments.

Lonely (Akon song)

The song promoted Akon to higher levels and her subsequent music did well in the already ready market. The song lonely by Akon is also known as Mr. The lyrics are sung mainly by Akon as well as Bobby Vinton doing parts of the choruses. Lonely I have nobody for my own I'm so lonely, halloween slots I'm Mr.

Analysis of Lonely by Akon

The aspect of repetition makes the song simple and acceptable to the audience. The song is a kind of expression and a partly love song which tells the reality of many people and the life experiences they go through in love matters. Lonely I have nobody for my own I'm so lonely.

It is a good depiction of the lonely situation mentioned in the song. Facebook Twitter About SoundMedia. It is a song that teachers and brings about real experiences that human beings go through in marriage or relationships. Dissertation Editor It is common for students to hire a dissertation editor to refine their work.

Lonely I have nobody I have nobody For my own to call my own no. Strange features are also taking place in the video where a woman is at one pint seen riding on a large bike, the other is holding closely to her a dice and third woman hold the lamb. The video was directed by Gil Green.

The ladies in the song are dressed in very minimal clothes and most other body parts are exposed. The video exposes a lot of behind and legs and skin parts and an amazing scene is the girl who exposes her bigger part of cleavage as she is topless.

What does this song mean to you? This one here Goes out to all my players out there man, ya know That got that one good girl who's always been there man, like. Select singles in the Format field.

Akon - Lonely Lyrics

The night setting is also important in bringing about the feelings of the characters where the ladies have exposed bigger parts of their bodies remain hidden by darkness. British Phonographic Industry. Bundesverband Musikindustrie. The girls at one time approach the main singer to the ear which is a show of love and romance. Recording Industry Association of America.

Akon - Lonely Lyrics Akon. These are still symbols of sex that the song uses. Intonation is a critical attribute of any song and speaks volume about a song. In most instances, the men in the video are cool and are just standing and watching calmly as the ladies dance and those not watching are engaging in dancing with these ladies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For instance, the video expresses the reality of hen place of women and men in society. Use of this literacy trait is also critical and makes the message of the song get to sink deep into the hearts and minds of the audience.

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The scenes are mostly dark and this gives the song its characteristic superb meaning. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

The setting of the song is in the night room which depicts the gravity of the situation that is, the dark side of life that a person goes through when the love comes to n end. The other parts are sung in a lower tone which makes the audience to remain all ears as the touching message is released. For instance, when he is singing the chorus, the tone rises a bit and is emotionally catching the audience such that they become apathetic.

The single was released in and was his first worldwide hit. Hire an expert writer now for plagiarism free essays. It is one day that this very girl leaves the home and walks away from this man. In France, it was popular and came as number two hit song of the time and in United States it did well and was ranked forth on the table. In the video the role of women seems to be dancing and playing with the male counterparts in a seductive manner.