There was nothing you could have done to get rid of the mice or the dirt or ensure your hot tub or wifi or any basic amenities were there in the middle of the weekend. As this coupon will expire this coming August, I thought it may be smart to use it for a weekend staying somewhere. Our reason for staying at the this house was to attend a local music festival close by. This year we have chosen to stay a few miles away at another house. The host and I talked back and forth and she was very polite.

Last year August when we were travelling in Sicily, I got a message from the host two days before we were going to Taormina that my reservation was cancelled. The host was dishonest about the property and Airbnb promised a full refund and I received nothing. Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. Full kitchen use was permitted in the profile, but I ended up not using it much, because of her terrible attitude.

Overstepping the line

Do you have an Airbnb story to tell? The hosts were unwilling to cooperate. Flexible bookings are another matter.

We booked a hotel and left right away- losing the money that we had paid for the second night in this Air bnb. That means a commission for nothing. As with the wifi, no one asked for the password. Do not expect you will get help from them, dating please forget about their insurance.

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We have also suspended this host while we investigate further. So my mom asked one of the House Keepers are they gonna put it away? Were you allowed to have guests over? After hearing about Airbnb for years, we decided to try it. An apology would have been nice.

Airbnb hookup stories

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It is unfair that you come across a bad rental experience and have to go through this type of experience while a big company like airbnb is making lots of money from what they refer to as guests. We once again contacted the owner asking if he knew where the hair dryer was stored, he replied saying it had broke and a previous person had thrown it out. Most people are reasonable. Once you booked the money will be immediately debitted to the host, which i really find it ridiculous, it should be debitted or charged after the stay.

Both were a nightmare, but the second was the worst. Was my account inactivated because I complained about fraud? Secondly the only name I have called you is Jamie.

Airbnb hookup stories
  • There was a lockbox, so we let ourselves in.
  • She told me to wait an hour.
  • World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.
  • All that I have stated are facts.
  • There was a dead squished cockroach, pee and hair all over the toilet which we had to clean, hair and dust all over the bathroom.

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Your inability to come up with an factual rebuttal along with using your feelings and perception to attempt to reason does not help to resolve anything. First of all, I did not get any passcode or wifi information upon arrival at my Airbnb. My account is locked, because of some sort of security for me. Five months on and no one has taken any action.

Overstepping the line
Airbnb is being used for hookups - Business Insider

The following points summarize why we feel we are entitled to a reimbursement, either from the hosts or Airbnb. The host repeatedly stated over the phone that he lived an hour away and could not come to assess the situation. There was a hatch joining the living room and the bedroom which was the only way of ventilating the room. And this was my first AirBnB rental. Brother in the hospital in critical care.

Airbnb guests or hosts are using the website to hook up

Airbnb guests or hosts are using the website to hook up

The self-described Airbnb host who started the thread said his roommates had slept with two of their Airbnb guests. When she came back at pm I asked her again. And are you referring to the dirt that you guys left behind and we cleaned up? They they asked me for photos which I was ready to send to them and they closed my case without any communication with me.

Then he kissed me and we went to his bedroom to spend the rest of the night. Our reservation was cancelled on the second day, however we never authorized a cancellation neither on the phone nor in writing. We folded blankets and put them away. Airbnb contacted Anese and offered her a full refund after we told the company we had learned about the incident.

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Briyah also told me another guest saw a mouse in the room. The bathroom had a disgusting smell, probably clogged pipes, which we could not get rid off. Want to Cancel and get Refund for Reservation First of all, dating I did not get any passcode or wifi information upon arrival at my Airbnb. He lie down with me Saturday night while I was trying to sleep. Such a terrible experience.

Have several horror stories, including a superhost who sexually assaulted me. Twitter icon A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. Conditions to Claim a Travel Issue. So that tells me you were being an unruly guest.

For now I am relying on the organic universe's pick for me, dating site zoosk seeks and it is working out. We determine this is likely fraud. Which he replied with probably not. We continued to attempt to open the door without success. Home Away is the way to go.

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Business Insider contacted Wagner and Sam to confirm these incidents but did not hear back. You're essentially going to a stranger's house and sleeping in a stranger's bed. Yes, AirBnB corporate sucks, but they owe you nothing and they know it. Facebook Icon The letter F.

They had a cockroach infestation. We never authorized a cancellation. For the last week she went on holiday, a 40 day dating and so I did t see her before I left. Upstairs was lacking in any form of soundproofing so every movement from an insomniac was heard and no sleep.

Airbnb hookup stories
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You agree that all determinations of Airbnb with respect to the Travel Issue shall be final and binding on the Guests and Hosts regardless of your submission of a dispute against such Travel Issue. The policies clearly state that the hosts should have made themselves, or a representative available within hours to investigate and solve the issue highlighted in the policies below. Again no active action from Airbnb. But I will respect your wish for no more direct contact while waiting for air bnbs response. Notify me of new posts by email.

There was also mail in the kitchen where he had a bottle of Beefeater gin. She had a guy roommate handling everything for her, although she did not tell me this was going to be the case. There was no vacuum or mop in the house. It advertised a private beach on the lake and the photos, apparently photo shopped showed stairs which appeared to lead down to the lake.

  1. We were here during your whole stay.
  2. We've apologised to this guest, issued a refund when this matter was first reported, and are providing them with our full support.
  3. The only question you asked Johnny was about a possible discount.

We stayed at an airbnb in the Blue mountains, Australia. The host has been so uncooperative, wrote a bad review about my friend who booked the place, and now he is trying to tell lies about our group to Airbnb so he can keep the security deposit. When you book Airbnb, you are going to a strangers house not really knowing what to expect but the best. Contrary to those stories above, I have had nothing but good stays in Air BnB accommodation. Wow reading these stories will make you a complete skeptic and not trust anyone.

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Airbnb hookup stories
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