Kebo portrayed by Daz Crawford is a member of Hydra, second-in-command to Ward until he is killed by Morse. She then claimed when Skye's hidden darkness comes to light, they could be monsters together. The Bus was then taken over by S.

  1. Ward and Antoine Triplett.
  2. Ward and Phil Coulson manage to find Skye.
  3. Ward demanded that he hand over all his wealth to them by giving over his banking passwords.
  4. With Ward not giving the order to stop Garner was attacked and very nearly killed.
  5. Coulson later agreed to let Skye remain on the team as long as she came completely clean with the team and agreed to wear a Tracking Bracelet at all times.
  6. Ward explained that as a specialist he felt he had been trained to be the whole solution and put himself on the line to protect his team by any means.
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That's why she's re-focusing all her energy back into S. After being busted for having a weapon in violation of the Lighthouse rules, Zev was sent down to Earth's surface where he was killed by the Vrellnexians. Will Robbie be a friend or foe to S. The two of them are then pursued by Fitz's Framework persona as well as an undead Simmons, dating formed from her suppressed pain and bad memories from throughout her life.

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While tracking the parasite, it flies into Keller's mouth and starts fusing with his vascular system. He is highly deluded, believing Inhumans are cheaters and monsters. On the flight there, he became worried about the state of Garrett's mind. Having returned from his successful mission, Maria Hill vetted Ward and prepped him to join Coulson's Team.

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Ward first encounters agent Melinda May. When they reached cruising altitude, Ward flirted with a Flight Attendant who provided him with a drink. Ward wore these glasses and went on Amador's next mission.

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Sarge's team goes after Shaw as their next target, with Sarge himself pretending to be Coulson to get close to Shaw. Ward helps to rescue the wounded Deathlok. Simmons knocked out Fitz and jumped out of the plane to save the others, but the cure did in fact work and Ward jumped out of the Bus to rescue her. Unknown to Ward, funny online his older brother Christian was inside and came close to burning to death in the fire.

When I found out about it, I did my own research and correlated it together. As Palamas was concerned about May's involvement as she could give the S. Skye expressed pity for him for betraying their team, declaring Fitz a hero for wanting to believe there was good in Ward. Ward assassinates Rosalind Price.

When Ward went to thank Garrett for everything he had done for him, he was told not to thank him, as Garrett believed that he had done it all himself. They discussed a plan to find and stop the Clairvoyant. Ward captures Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. While recuperating in the hospital, Creel is visited by Glenn Talbot who absorbs Creel into himself with his gravitonium.

As Daisy, May and Deke manages to find the bomb, Sarge teleports back to the Zephyr after setting the truck to collide with the tower. After being freed by Mack and Fitz, Robin and Polly make their way down the stairs where Robin stops quoting that something is not right. But I think there's a lot of things that have still been unsaid and will hopefully come out, certain confrontations that are still bubbling under. Grant then embraced his brother and they walked back to the road together, making it appear to Christian that he had forgiven him, urban dictionary definition of but in reality he was setting him up.

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Coulson assembled a small, highly select group of Agents from the worldwide law-enforcement organization known as S. For a list of agents in the fictional organization, see List of S. Advertisements for Agents of S.

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However, Coulson and Garrett were able to come to an understanding where Quinn would stay on the Bus until Skye's life had been saved. Since he didn't rise up through the ranks, does he have an ulterior motive for helping out the team? This led to her involvement with Coulson, who decided to recruit her, and have Ward, and then May, train her to be a formidable field agent.

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When von Strucker resisted, Ward punched him in the face and made it clear that he was not asking for his money but was going to get it. In the Framework, Burrows is part of the S. They are attacked by a Confederacy cruiser, and in the rush to escape, Simmons plots a course to Naro-Atzia. As Ward defended Malick's plans, he informed Coulson that he had sent a team to kill him before hanging up and leaving him to die.

But with the world believing that Daisy is a dangerous outlaw who has taken down banks and bridges, the new Director has no qualms about taking her down for good. While Ward argued that Skye's history with the Rising Tide made her a risk, Coulson insisted that her skills would prove valuable as she did not think like a traditional agent. What friends and foes will they face? Ward has a meeting with Gideon Malick.

Lincoln Campbell portrayed by Luke Mitchell is an Inhuman doctor with the ability to control electric charges. During the test it appeared that this technique was not working as Eric Koenig became suspicious of his answers and drew a gun. Ward however suddenly found himself in danger of being sucked out of the plane as he lost his grip and fell towards the hole in the side of the Bus. Daniel Whitehall selected her to bring up Hydra's next leader through insemination. He later took a higher position and aimed a sniper rifle at Peterson while Coulson tried to calm him down as Peterson furiously ranted about how S.

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The man later died and Simmons checked the team for the virus. However, Fitz's technical knowledge came in helpful as he was able to repair the mob's television after a black-out, which earned them a safe trip to where they needed to go. In the Framework, however, Ward was a double agent for S.

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While Fitz and Simmons procure the same ship that Fitz worked on for the trip to Earth, Enoch takes his leave with a new mission to find a new home for the Chronicoms. Ward attacks and kills a S. Ward watched them enter with Palamas still by his side, trans guy online mockingly watching Hunter knowing that he would undoubtedly be dead soon.

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Once they were back at the hotel, they tied down the captured Bakshi and used the Faustus method to brainwash him, holding his eyes open as he starred into the screen. The production had wrapped by December. Skye soon meets Jiaying, who helps Skye control her abilities. It just adds to the mystery of who she is.

Taking time to relax, the team sat down and drank as they watched as the Peruvian was shot into space to be destroyed. When List's plan took off, Ward assumed it was because Strucker was overseas and Coulson gave the order for Ward to fly the Quinjet and follow them. That's what we're seeing in terms of Hive's thinking. Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During this time, Hydra is revealed to have infiltrated S. With only one man left standing, Ward succeeded in overpowering and plunging the man's knife into his own throat, smiling as Ward watched him choke on his own blood and die. So the team broke in and engaged in a fierce firefight with the guards. It was revealed that he trained General Hale and had her partake in raising Hydra's next leader through insemination.

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  • She then helped the injured man leave the scene.
  • After Jiaying was torn apart by Hydra, and Daisy was taken by S.
  • Ward speaks to Gideon Malick.
  • With help from Jemma, Mack was able to kill Kasius.
  • We tried to make everything she says be true.

Ward witnessed Garrett being taken away by S. He later helps Fitz to get to the same time to save the rest of his team. For Skye to be an unknown entity, May still holds out hope. Ward questions Skye and Miles Lydon.

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