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The four men all high-fived each other. This story is all fiction. Untie her and take her gag off.

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Disgraced and disowned by his family, Todd hit the road and moved to California. He had never heard a girl scream so much.

He was very proud of his fuck-tool. They heard a commotion near the main entrance leading into the studio. She turned and spoke to another woman standing nearby. His body tensing, she could feel his cock throbbing as he began to empty his balls inside her.

If she had told the parole officer the real reason for their firing, he would have had to launch an investigation. The year old was well-built from a life of doing manual labour as a carpenter. His face was close to hers and he drank in her beautiful feminine scent. The men in the bedroom watched Selena being dragged away by Manny as he held the knife against her face. He groaned with pleasure as he felt her cunt walls tighten around him each time.