Base is now nickel-plated

Dating stanley router planes

All castings now provided with raised bosses and recessed where the screw holes may be drilled and countersunk, if desired. Bolt that secures knob is of two-piece construction as on bench planes. Patent date was eliminated.

Maple knobs are painted blackAll routers now provided with an

All routers now provided with an adjustable fence that travels in two machined grooves on the bottom surface. Maple knobs are painted black. Apparently the use of black paint on the knobs was intermittent during this period. The holes in late models may have been drilled and countersunk at the factory. Beaded edge at base of maple knobs is eliminated.

Threaded holes are provided on the base to attach the fence shown below. An arched bridge supports the casting forward of the large aperture. Most models of this type have the markings on the cutter adjustment wheel. This was to attach a wood base.

So far I have only flatten blade backs and it works super. The screw holes in the base were now drilled at the factory. Although many router plane specimens, with the adjustment provision, are found with the small diameter collar of the adjustment wheel down, it should be up.